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What we’re about

Do you want to be a Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Game Developer, Visual FX Artist, 3D developer or get into Video Production and Editing?

Learn how to make money and expand a potential career be it full-time or sideline on websites and promoting who you are. Your ideas and passions released on the internet builds an online presence and is an influence on all our futures. Plus it’s a great way to have fun

Interested in meeting new people that share the same passion as we learn from each other’s personal experiences?

This is the site for you!

my name is Duane Laventure, also personal secretary to Vancouver’s “LiLtay” the singer, actor and social media powerhouse influencer with her “sucker 4 green” music video

I am the organizer, but it’s not my group for this belongs to all of us, we are all making a path in life and it’s good to help others along the way as it builds our industry for work and a playground to socialize in..

Also there will be guest speakers from different parts of the media industry, workshops and fun networking meetups.

VanCG Meetup is the site to be part of..