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What we’re about

Welcome to Radical Aliveness! The work we do is healing and transformational to support each of you to have the full flow of your life force energy with greater awareness and responsibility in relation to yourself, others and the world.   Radical Aliveness group is a participatory body based group process that creates a safe container for the expression of strong feelings.  We invite courageous leadership, truth telling, risk taking and surrender to our sacred selves as we actively engage in the exploration of what prevents us from bringing our gifts and our compassionate hearts in relationship.   Prior to joining us, it is important that you be informed about the intensity of what may happen during a Radical Aliveness workshop.  When we open to our full flow, powerful feelings, traumas and deep primal energy that we have blocked from our consciousness can be experienced. In a group setting where people are opening up this type of energy, participants will experience spontaneous, surprising, and unexpected openings.  Some of the things you can expect to be in the presence of in a Radical Aliveness workshop in yourself and others are strong anger, conflict, fear, deep grief, joy, love, ecstatic pleasure and strong early primal emotions.  In the living laboratory of group, all of our expressions from silence to wildness are welcomed with un-shaming curiosity to enable healing, learning and opening to new and powerful choices for our lives.