What we're about

We are a group of passionate cinema fans, we are aiming at viewing the most recent (International/Award Winners/Non- Hollywood/Indie) movies with people who share the same interest.

Every week we are going to watch movies from all over the world,and get time to chat over the movies & share the experience.

Meetups for indie local films will be organized to help introduce our local film makers to a bigger audience.

Meetups will be also organized for International award winners Playing in Vancouver.

Once you RSVP yes, you will get an email from the organizer or the assistant with the venue address and Parking facilities.

We are Looking for all the avid cinema fans outside to come, let us entertain you!
(Check the group calendar for each monthly schedule)

Upcoming events (2)

Let's see the 1st Vanimation Fest of YVR-creator films

Rio Theatre

Let’s watch some local animation shorts!

The Vanimation Film Festival is one of the world's best animation festivals, and this year the focus is on films created right here by Vancouver’s animation community. From student projects to the major studios, hand drawn to computer generated. For one night only!

Fun shorts descriptions: https://vanimationfilmfestival.com/films.html

Doors 6:00 pm, show starts at 6:30 pm. Buy tix/more info: https://riotheatretickets.ca/events/25270-the-vanimation-film-festival
Buy your tkt ahead, this may sell out Tix are $25 plus $3 s/c. PLEASE SIGN UP ONLY AFTER PURCHASING A TKT.

Meet up in the balcony(2nd level) at 615 pm to sit/meet with the group, in the middle of the 3rd & 4th rows from the front. I’ll post what I’m wearing on the day so you can find us. Arrive early(drs open at 6) if you’d like to grab a drink, yes they serve beer etc :) & popcorn or one of their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Afterwards, we'll have a quick chat about the films.

If you’re able to meet up earlier at 430ish pm to go for drinks/din/snacks nearby, direct message me and I’ll keep you in the loop.

The Rio theatre is located a 3 min walk from the Broadway/Comm'l skytrain station.

Hope to see you there!

If you end up not being able to join us, please change your RSVP so that we don't look out for you, thank you.

Let's see "De Humani Corporis Fabrica" - a cool inner body tour

The Cinematheque

This looks fascinating! "A sensorial, cinematic immersion venturing inside the human body…another triumph of documentary avant-gardism.
A camera snakes down labyrinthine entrails and probes squishy, wet caverns alien in appearance." Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBu0Dh8wy0U&t=8s

This film might not be for everyone, pls read to the bottom for more info.

6 pm De Humani Corporis Fabrica film (115mins) French w Eng subtitles, France/USA/Switzerland 2022

More info/buy tix($14 or less): https://thecinematheque.ca/films/2023/de-humani-corporis-fabrica

We can share our thoughts about it afterwards. :)

Hope to see you there! Please buy your tix ahead. THIS MAY SELL OUT. Tix are $14 or less.

Note we will be going to a few Cinematheque films this year. You may want to buy a multipack of tix which reduces the price to $10 each or less: https://thecinematheque.ca:7081/shop/ticket-pack

To sit with the group, pls meet up in the middle-ish of the 3rd/4th rows from the back of the theatre, at 545pm-ish. Feel free to come a bit early & enjoy a refreshment(you can buy pop, popcorn, candy) with the group at the seats.

Rotten Tomatoes: "It is an uncanny spectacle. Your eyes will not believe some of the things they see in this movie. The only question is whether your stomach can handle them."

“One of the top ten films of the year (#2) Cinema Scope

For some reason I think sushi would be an apt starter. So we’ll go to one of my fave nearby sushi places(they serve other things too like tempura, gyoza, udon etc) at 430 pm for a snack first. If you’d like to join for this part, direct message me and I’ll keep you in the loop/share details.

If you end up not being able to join us, kindly update your RSVP.

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