• Palm Oil Teach-In

    2727 E Lake St

    Join us for a presentation on palm oil at East Lake Library, given by Karrie Vrabel - local Animal Rights Coalition, MN350, and Rainforest Action Network volunteer. Palm oil in everyday products creates rainforest deforestation, species extinction, climate change and child labor. Rainforest Action Network is working to move the snack food industry to commit to sustainable practices. You can be a part of this movement and help save Orangutans from extinction. Karrie will show a short video followed by a short presentation and there will be time for some questions and answers afterward.

  • Protest Ribnick Furs

    Ribnick Luxury Outerwear

    Join us for a peaceful protest outside Ribnick Luxury Outerwear to educate the public about why fur has no place in 2019. Animals shouldn't be forced to live in tiny cages, only to meet their death by anal electrocution, gassing, and/or drowning. Signs and literature will be provided, but feel free to bring your own!

  • Becoming Your Best Voice for Animals

    8800 Penn Ave S

    Come and check out this Animal Rights Coalition sponsored, interactive, thought-provoking conversation about moving towards being your best voice for the animals, hosted by AmyLeo Barankovich, of Vegan Affairs Minnesota at the Penn Lake Library Community Room. It seems to be human nature to speak “wildly” when our emotions lead the conversation. Being an effective animal advocate requires putting into practice a set of tools that we can access once we are aware of them and know how to best use them. AmyLeo is trained in several communication modalities (Non-Violent Communication, The Art of Convening, and the Alternative to Violence Project) which has helped her respectfully communicate animal issues in all areas of her life, including her work as a vegan cooking instructor and coach.

  • Tilted Tiki with Ashley + Kelsey

    The Tilted Tiki Tropical Bar & Restaurant

    Join Ashley and Kelsey at Tilted Tiki for delicious vegan food and great conversation! We encourage NEW volunteers to attend! We will briefly discuss the Animal Rights Coalition, who we are as employees, what we do, and upcoming events to volunteer for or attend. *Note: You do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to attend, but we do ask that you order vegan.* If you want to check out their menu ahead of time: https://www.thetiltedtiki.com/eat

  • Whole Foods Vegan Grocery Shopping Tour

    Whole Foods Market

    • What we'll do Are you newly vegan, or know someone who is? Or are you looking to expand your plant-based diet? Please grab a basket and enjoy this fun with volunteer, Tai, for an educational shopping experience! This tour highlights vegan products and substitutes for easy, healthy plant-based meals. Questions are encouraged! • What to bring It's helpful if you bring a small notebook and a pen so you can take notes. Most people also like to go grocery shopping immediately after the tour because they discover amazing products they want to try, so bring your reusable shopping bags, too, just in case. • Important to know Please be on time so that you don't miss anything! This is a large store and it will take us quite a bit of time to make it all the way through. IMPORTANT NOTES: * Please only RSVP if you are sure you can make it! There is limited space.

  • ARC Garbage Clean-Up

    Animal Rights Coalition

    Join us in cleaning up our community as part of our new Community Involvement program! If you know of any good spots, post below and we'll decide which place needs the most help. Gloves and garbage bags will be provided. Please feel free to bring your own, non disposable gloves for less waste. Dress accordingly and be prepared to get a little dirty!

  • Black Market Taco Pop-Up at Ethique Nouveau

    Ethique Nouveau

    Come out for our second installment of Taco goodness. Support local vegan businesses! 4 flavors of tacos. All vegan. All delicious! Menu: The Ol’ Dirty (Bastard) South: Smoked low country bbq mushrooms, skillet greens, confit garlic, and Texas Pete Crema The Black Heart: Blackened heart of palm, poblano lime slaw, pickled red onion, and aju criollo The LVZ: Vegan glazed “pork” with kimchi and gochujang cashew cream The Sin Sangre: Vegan chorizo, radish, raw onion, and cilantro poblano crema

  • Teach-In: Foie Gras Cruelty & Action Plan

    Ethique Nouveau

    The Animal Rights Coalition is rebooting its Forego Foie Gras campaign, and we would like YOU to become a volunteer for it. In this teach-in, you will learn why foie gras is a particularly heinous form of farmed animal cruelty that deserves attention. We will update you on facts and statistics and then provide you with opportunities to get involved in the campaign. *Snacks provided, or bring one to share!

  • Vegan Nutrition Workshop

    Washburn Library

    • What we'll do Join Vegan University instructor Dave, who is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and learn vegan nutrition 101 at Washburn Library, Tuesday April 9th! He will cover different nutrients and the foods they are found in. There will be free recipes and ideas to build your plate available! Please bring your questions, a writing utensil and paper so you can take notes. Science has shown that well planned vegan diets are healthy for everyone. Scientific studies have also shown that strict vegan diets can prevent and often reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, various auto-immune disorders and cancer. Dave will help you sort through the confusing and often conflicting nutrition advice in the media so you make better diet choices as you move forward on your plant based journey. • What to bring Writing utensil and paper to take notes. • Important to know

  • Easy Peasy Plant-Based Meat Substitutes!

    Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op

    **PLEASE RSVP at the link below. These classes tend to sell out and you do not have a reserved spot unless you are RSVPd with Mississippi Market** In this class, you’ll learn how easy and tasty it can be to substitute plant-based proteins such as jackfruit, tofu, and seitan, into your meals instead of meat. INSTRUCTOR: Steve Leinen, Animal Rights Coalition Demo & Tasting Minimum of 4 students required Please register for this class at the link below as space is limited. RESERVE SPOT HERE: https://msmarket.coop/event/easy-peasy-meat-substitutes/