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WHO: Open-minded, supportive, ambitious women* who want to form lasting connections.

*for women (including trans women) or anyone who identifies as such in a significant way. All sexual orientations are welcome.

WHAT: Workshops, retreats, speaker panels, networking events, volunteering, hikes, picnics... The possibilities are endless! We live in one of the most amazing cities in the world - let's explore together.

WHEN: Just about every other week! Events are consistent and high quality. This is because:

- Attendance is verified and confirmed with each person.

- Venues are attentively chosen.

- We foster an atmosphere of support and fun.

WHERE: The most happening spots in SF. This is a collaborative group, so feel free to contribute!

WHY: To meet fellow girl bosses, exchange ideas, have meaningful conversations, share projects, inspire each other while having a great time! This makes it easier for you to build relationships and make girlfriends.

Email me @ brenda.t.chen@gmail.com if you'd like to organize a Meetup, have any feedback for me or want to make suggestions for future events!

* You must have a profile picture in order to be approved. Thanks so much! *

Upcoming events (3)

Venus Rising Happy Hour with Therapist Victoria Storr

Online event

Victoria will be hosting an “open mic” happy hour for us to ask questions about mental health, provide support for one another, and experience how human emotions make us more alike than we realize. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/98076086578 Bring your self-care/relationship/surviving COVID questions and leave with a little extra illumination during these trying times. Victoria Storr, M.S. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed School Psychologist, and co-founded a therapeutic app, Unspokenapp.com. She provides individual psychotherapy in San Francisco, specializing in working with professional women who are trying to know themselves better, overcome their past traumas, and live a better life. Find out more at her website, VictoriaStorr.com.

Product Development, Raising Capital and Pitching with Yana Yasevich

Yana is joining us to share her experience of starting a company, raising capital, what it's been like growing a new brand in an unprecedented global environment, and the role being a female founder has played. She'll also share her insights on how to pitch your story, and answer questions on these topics from the Venus Rising group. Yana is the co-founder of Remi, a direct-to-consumer sleep and wellness brand based in San Francisco. Prior to starting Remi, Yana worked in Estée Lauder’s e-commerce arm, leading teams of engineers to support the portfolio’s global online businesses. Yana is passionate about product development, women in leadership, and how people are really at the core of everything. Outside of work, Yana enjoys sampling chocolate chip cookies around town (because who can pass up baked goods?) and re-exploring the Bay Area after spending the last six years in New York. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/96831940311 Agenda: -Intros/networking, getting to know the group and finding out about your specific struggles/what you're interested in -Yana's talk -Q&A for Yana

Goal Setting Retreat with Olympic Gold Medalist Breeja Larson

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/goal-setting-retreat-with-olympic-gold-medalist-breeja-larson-tickets-105044009460 Set your goals with an Olympian! Hello! My name is Breeja Larson, and I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist for Team USA! I have been a professional swimmer for six years and traveled the world competing with and against the best athletes in history. I went to Texas A&M and received my undergrad degree in Psychology and my Masters in Sports Management. I currently training for the 2021 Olympics Games and I also mentor young athletes and act as a motivational consultant with various business professionals. It is my passion to teach new and creative ways to build and maintain an Olympian mentality. Through my different mental tools and frameworks, anyone in any occupation can create an Olympian mentality to set and accomplish their goals! I would love it if you joined in on a session! You'll receive an email from me asking what you'd most like out of my session. Please let me know:) My mission is to help you create strong goals for yourself and help you set yourself up with a solid mental game plan for achieving them. I will teach you techniques on how to train your brain to create an Olympian mindset. I can tell you inspirational stories from my own career and the careers of my teammates, and I would love to hear your own. We will work together so you end feeling inspired to achieve your goals. This session would work best if you come with some goals to work on with the new tools and frameworks! Instagram (IG): @BreejaLarson Twitter: @BreejaLarson Collaboration with Venus Rising https://www.instagram.com/venusrising_co/ https://www.meetup.com/venusrising https://www.facebook.com/groups/venusrisingco/

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