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What we’re about

Wanderlust! What a great name. German... designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander, or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world!

I have wanderlust, you have wanderlust, he has wanderlust, she has wanderlust, we have wanderlust, they have wanderlust!

We gather once a month in a socially acceptable setting to meet and get to know those who would travel with us. We trade stories and explore possibilities. We forge friendships which could open doors to memories of a lifetime... be they in this fair city, this diversified state, this great country, this huge continent, and certainly this ever growing yet ever so reachable world!

You sign up to join, post a photo and answer ALL the questions as posed. ALL MANDATORY for a joyous welcome into this elite group of Wanderlusters....

One more very important item to note, am not a travel agent, merely one who sees possibilities to gather an interesting group who would join in impromptu and planned outings and trips, be they held locally or abroad.
Ideas and suggestions welcome....


Please read the about us... BEFORE applying!