What we're about

Keen on playing minigolf competitively or just for fun?

Come and join us for some putting around the region and beyond.

All ages welcome.

If you're not near enough to attend the Minigolf in Wellington, get in touch with us or the crew at the New Zealand Minigolf Federation (https://facebook.com/nzminigolf) for help in spinning up your own local meet-up.

The federation also organises regular meetings if you're looking to reach that next level of Minigolf.

Past events (75)

Welly Mini Golf End of 2022 @ The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour Mini-Putt and Bar

Golf Warehouse, Lower Hutt

Golf Warehouse

Golf Warehouse, Lower Hutt

Golf Warehouse

Lions Mini Golf Palmy - Opening Weekend!

272 Fitzherbert Avenue