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I have been the organizer of a photography meetup group based out of the Chicago for a number of years. Now, I want to do what I love and organize events, talks, classes and excursions closer to where I live.

This is a group for anyone who takes photos. You can be an established photographer or a beginner. You can have tens of thousands of dollars in equipment or a simple smart phone. You can join us for every outing or only a few. The main criteria for being a member of this all-inclusive photo group is wanting to learn, share, meet other people, and enjoy photography.

The group is geared for those who can attend live events in and around the Western and Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago, but anyone who wants to travel and meet up with us is welcome. We will take photo walks, host a variety of photography related talks, have a variety of photography classes, as well as go on periodic photography adventures throughout the Midwest, and eventually throughout the country and coming in 2024 internationally. The sky is the limit.

Come out and give us a try. I run a very friendly and inclusive group. You will learn new photo techniques, how to compose a photo, and make new friends along the way.

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Monthly Photography Project - Pets and/or Animals

Needs a location


The photo project this month will be pets/animals

Take photos of your pets, animals (not birds, that will be another challenge later on). These should be photos you take during the month of March, 2023.

Try and be unique. The photo here was taken here in Naperville back in September at an annual event that some members of the group attended (I will host this event again this year in September)

The photo project will consist of uploading up to 5 photos to each event.

Since this is something new for this group it may take a month or two to work out the bugs and develop a process that is easy to work with and understand.

NOTE: I have to put a date on each meetup (meetups typically happen in person where you meetup with the group). So I will always put the last day of the month for this monthly project. You can submit photos up until the time of the date and time which will be 10:00 p.m. on the last day of the month.

Learning with light (natural and flash)

PROCAM Photo & Video Gear


To facilitate and provide practice for photographers in learning how to take portrait pictures with either natural light or with off-camera flash.
This meeting will introduce the gear we need and to find a photographer or two to practice portrait photography.
In portrait photography, the photographer needs to be aware of: direction, intensity, coverage and color of the light.
Let’s practice with fellow photographers and learn how to develop the skills with the minimum gear and models (no models, just each other).
Who is this class (series) for?
If you know your camera exposure settings but not sure if overexposed cheeks are okay—this is the minimum you need to know.
What to expect:

  1. Meet fellow photographers with similar interests (portrait photography).
  2. Meet the gear (you do not necessarily have to bring your gear, only if you have questions)
  3. Your commitment to meet up at least once a month to practice. And this is key as we will rely on each other to hold the equipment or to model for each other
  4. be prepared to show your results and discuss your expectations, and possibly what you can do better or try for the next time.

These working sessions will or should give you or guide you in the next steps of photography with intent and direction.
Who does not what that?
$5 at the door to cover cost of renting out the room.
Thank you.

Good Friday in Pilsen Neighborhood of Chicago


It has been a few years since we have attended this event as a group. If you have never been to this walk in the Pilsen area of Chicago on a Good Friday you will be amazed how much time and effort the people of the community put into this event.

The 45th annual Pilsen Via Crucis will begin with a re-enactment of the Last Supper at 9 a.m. Friday in the basement of Providence of God Church, 717 W. 18th St. It is done all in Spanish and does get very crowded. You can take photos (without flash) inside.

From there, the procession will head along 18th Street to the re-enactment of the crucifixion at Harrison Park at 18th and Wood. The procession is about a mile walk mostly down 18th Street (the main street in the Pilsen neighborhood). You can follow along or you can take photos at a couple of spots along the way as you get ahead of the procession.

The stations re-enactments, an annual Good Friday tradition, consists of live scenes representing the day before Jesus Christ was crucified, each marked with crosses along procession routes.

If you drive, you can park free in the neighborhood, just be aware of any parking restriction signs on the streets where you park. If you take the "L" get off at the 18th Street Pink Line stop. The event ends near this stop but actually starts almost a mile east of here.

We can try and put together a car pool or two. If you are interested in car pooling make a comment in the comment section and the city where you live and we can coordinate a meet up spot.

Once we get to the event it is a little difficult to actually meet up as an entire group for this one, so if you know another member or two that might be attending I would suggest that you reach out to them for a time and meetup spot. I won't attend the event inside the church as I have done this a few times before.

If there are any updates before the event I will list them in the comment section.

NOTE: I will meet members of the group at the northwest corner of 18th Street and Halstead. I will plan on being there around 9:15 a.m. The event inside the church starts at 9:00 a.m. so if you want to attend that please arrive at the church by 8:45 a.m. as it will be crowded.

Intro to Photography Class 2

Naperville Public Library - Naper Blvd. Library

Please read carefully before signing up: This class is for those that have taking the Intro to Photography 1 class on 1/22 or 2/4. If you have not taken the first one, please do not sign up. If the class is full, please still sign up and be placed on the waitlist. if there are plenty on the waitlist, I will try to find a bigger venue.
This is the second class in a series of classes that I will teach. In this second class, I will discuss how to improve the pictures we take by understanding basic composition, lighting and post processing.
Composition is how we arrange and present visual elements within the image. Lightings can negatively impact the subject we want to capture or it can be used to enhance the image. Post processing can help in fixing issue with improper exposure or make the image pop through enhancing colors and other techniques. We will learn how the above three can improve the pictures we take.

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