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This meeting will be about men being to together and having FUN, FOOD and checking in with what's important in our lives. Only way you can see what that looks like is to show up. Check out this site:

Towers by McLaren Park

869 Mansell Street · San Francisco

What we're about

Consider a circle. A circle of men around a fire. A circle of brotherhood with an opening in the circle. If you step into that place, what will you find?

It is a circle of powerful feedback, where I can bring my struggles, victories and assumptions and see them through the lens of each man’s unique experience. I am here to bring my best to these men, and that means bringing honesty, compassion and courage.

It's too easy to hold back for the sake of being nice or being liked. This is a place to drop your defenses and share openly. It is a place to give and receive feedback that comes without ego, without judgement, without restraint — to help each other succeed. This is the foundation of our standards.

We challenge each other to raise the bar everywhere in our lives including our families, jobs and communities. We give back to many worthy causes from helping youth to feeding the homeless. We have a ton of fun together. And we help each to build leadership skills that we can apply in all areas of our lives by training, mentoring and learning from each other.

Who will you be when you step into the circle? Come find out!

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