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Our group’s purpose is simple. We want to get people out riding whenever and wherever possible. As the Organizer of WCMB, I’m dedicated to helping people get out on the bike more often. I don’t care if you ride every day of the week or just a few times a month. I don’t care if you only ride with us or if you ride with lots of different groups. Mountain Biking for me is a passion that I want to share with everyone I meet. We don't care whether you're a hardened veteran that has seen the sport grow from fully rigid 21-speed bikes to the super machines they are today or someone who just bought their first mountain bike. We don't care if you if this is your first time riding in a group or if you're a member of every mountain biking social group there is.

My team of organizers and I have one simple goal: Try our best to provide you all with the absolute best rides. My team is made up of people from all walks of life from all over the Bay Area. We have Organizers representing nearly every part of the Bay including… the South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, Santa Cruz and even the Central Valley and we all love to ride and share the ride with others.

Our rides will range from After-work social meetups and workouts to full on epic rides. We ride everywhere, including places that are off the radar of other groups. We ride all the local favorites, i.e. Fremont Older, Arastradero, Santa Teresa, Alum Rock, etc. as well as all the popular spots further outside our immediate area. Some of our favorites include Demo Forest, El Corte de Madera, Fort Ord, and the Many State parks nearby. We’ve also ventured to Tahoe, Downieville, Boggs and many more. As the years progress we will undoubtedly be adding even more exciting and fun places to our ride portfolio.

All of our rides will follow a no-drop policy. If you show up for a ride we’ll make sure you get out with us. Don’t worry about coming out and slowing people down. That sort of fence sitting will never get you out with a group. Come on out with us and we’ll look out for you. No one will be left behind on our rides.

If you ever have questions about how we rate rides or anything else please feel free to email me. I’m always willing to help a fellow rider, especially ones just getting started. We may not be the biggest group in the Bay but we are the best. I will always go out of my way to make my members feel welcome and appreciated. I also promise to never kick you out for not making it to a ride, I understand things happen. If you have idea for a ride or want to help out with hosting events, let me know. I'm always looking for passionate riders that love to share their passion with others on the trails.

Above everything else I just want people to get out and ride.

-David B.


West Coast Mountain Bikers

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after thanks giving=Beginner advance c pace

Calero County Park at Rancho San Vincente

C pace beginner advance Melo peace ride,I'm coming back after 2 months of injury recovery so it will be a melo Pace ride◇》 about the trails, they are friendly with little to no technical challenge The trails are well groomed and not very steep, in most cases, and feature a good flow to them. There is nothing terrible in the way of technical challenges so newer riders should feel comfortable with this ride. Ride Details: C pace (slow/mellow) Beginner trails ~9miles ~700 ft elevation gain Meet at 8:30 by the restrooms . Tires roll at 8:35 am the latest, Physical distancing followed. Face covering recommended. Our plan is to do the lower loop in the counter-clockwise direction. This ride will be approximately 9 Miles. For those that can handle a little more you can do a second loop. If anyone is interested NOW THE NITTY GRITTY... West Coast Mountain Bikers is a group riding community. We don't encourage individuals to come out to our rides that want to do their own ride five minutes after starting with us. We start together and stick together. If new to our group, please take the time to read our Ride Rating Guide Here... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eml9bs3b9aPik-XF9EuazGouBVefExveQXBc58Nkl9o/edit?usp=sharing All of our rides require a helmet and properly maintained mountain bike. Riders should be sure to read the description of the ride fully prior to their RSVP. Rides will vary by location and organizer, so be sure to sign up for rides that are appropriate for your skill and fitness level. If unsure if an event is appropriate, contact the event host prior to the event. If you have an existing medical condition please consult your doctor prior to joining an event. Meetup.com and West Coast Mountain Bikers do not allow minors to attend events. We will occasionally make exceptions, so long as the parent is also in attendance. The event host and organizers ultimately have the last call on who can and cannot attend a particular event. When a members safety is concerned we will always err on the side of caution. If you have any questions, related to the group, or our events feel free to email our President, David Butler, at [masked] Get Outside, Go Ride!

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El Corte de Madera OSP

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