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What we’re about

Wild does not mean crazy, uncontrolled, reckless.  It means natural, who we really are under society's programming. For a long time I’ve been wanting to host a space for women to get back to their wildness — to what we would be had we not been urban bred — for the purpose of healing together.

“Left to my own devices, I’ll turn into a wild woman” -- Clare Danes 

This is true for many of us, for it is our innate and natural state, and something very deep, ancient and wise within women know this to be true.

Each retreat will explore a different theme -- and the goal is to feel refreshed, renewed, transformed and ready to take on the challenges of your life from a new perspective.

Here is a list of themes we will exploring in upcoming healing retreats

Sound Healing and Earth Singing

Deep cleansing and Raw Juicing

Awakening your Unique Spiritual Gifts

Healing with Herbal Medicine

Kinesiology and Rebalancing

Music and Dance and Art Workshops

Medicine Wheel & Spirit Animals

Raw Vegan Food Preparation

Changing Your Life with Superfoods

Superhero Activation (using your Superpowers!)