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What we’re about

• Do you find that you keep putting off living your dreams until you're done with college, you're more financially secure, until you retire, until you finish raising your kids or until you finish the laundry?

• Do you feel that you've lost contact with the undomesticated, intuitive, spontaneous, wise and wild part of yourself? 

• If you're craving support to be the vital, powerful, playful, Creative Wild Woman you truly are, than this group is for you! 

I am a Drama and Expressive Arts Therapist who is passionate about using the arts to form a community of women who will support and encourage the letting loose of one another's Creative Wild Woman--the part of you where the spark of your luscious daring dreams (large and small) lives waiting to be ignited. 

In this group, you will be supported to explore and discover (or rediscover) the dreams you have for your life, to identify the barriers in the way of your dreams, and the allies (internal and external) available to help you move through those barriers.  Through drama, writing, poetry, movement, music, and other art forms, we'll support each other to hold our lives as an adventure and to grow in power, creativity, spontaneity, self-acceptance, passion and playfulness--to be our WILDD selves.

"There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is."

--Albert Einstein