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What we’re about

This is a private group for women from all walks of life, races, languages, nationalities, shapes and sizes. Women's Chill Out is dedicated to WOMEN ONLY! 

A photo of you is required (to join).
We are here to chill out, form friendship, enjoy experiences, exchange thoughts, eat well, drink well, laugh alot and have fun. Some of the activities are drinks, parties, meals, movies, sports, shopping and traveling etc. Here we warrant respect for all ladies as we would wish others to respect us.

We aim to support and empower each other, make friends, share, learn and grow. No stress and no drama please!
Every woman here is her own Diva! To Women's Growth, Power and Relevance, we keep this Group fun and lively with a dose of tolerance for moderately differing views!
COVID 19 - Gosh what a tragedy. Many lessons to learn; women hope you do! Dragging on with various mutations on and on; gosh what a pain!

Feel free to suggest an activity:)

Now let's cheer up, chin up & chill all over again! Looking forward to embracing your fabulous self into our group, Cheers!
Your Organizers - Sylvia & Dilynn

Note: Women’s Chill Out is now managed by ConnectHall Events.