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What we’re about

This group was created and dedicated to women who are seeking confidence, empowerment, and freedom in their financial lives. The goal is to build a tribe of women who will support each other in pursuing their life dreams without constantly being bogged down by the limitation of their finances.

One of the biggest challenges for women facing money worries is that there is usually not a safe and non-judgemental place for them to speak up, ask questions or ask for help & support. Fear and embarrassment often run strong in their psychology and emotions. This group is meant to hold that space for those in need of that support.

Through both my personal & professional experiences, I realized that in order to truly have a healthy relationship with money, we must have a better understanding of both the psychological and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Reaching that understanding takes a combination of personal inner work as well as a support network where we serve as mirrors for each other, because let's face it - we all have blindspots.

My goal is to hold a gathering once a month. It will be casual and we can have a theme/discussion topic for each meeting.

It is my intention to conduct workshops on the topics of women, money & spirit from time to time, which I will announce here. Other than that, there will be no selling of anything here.

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