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What we’re about

AUTISM RESOURCE MOM provides support, guidance and hope for individuals with autism and their families. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Orange County, California. We've been serving area families since 2012. Let's get together (virtually or safely in-person)—and let's get our kids (tweens, teens and young adults) together—for social activities to help get them out of the house and interacting with others. These opportunities will give them a chance to practice the skills they've learned, to find others who share a common interest and to foster their independence. We also have informational workshops and problem-solving sessions for parents of individuals with autism. Looking forward to taking on 2023 and beyond with some new events and happenings—and our new online activities keep us connected. Hope you'll join us!


I founded Autism Resource Mom to provide support, guidance and hope to families of autistic individuals. Comprised of parents of children with autism, our organization understands what an individual on the spectrum needs because we’ve lived it 24/7.
So each of our initiatives, developed and delivered by parents, targets specific, crucial ongoing needs—with creative, focused, knowing approaches to socialization, behaviors, independent living, health, education and finance that help families help their kids successfully navigate these challenges.
The Orange County Register recently shared our story. Click here for an online version of the article by Rebecca Allen.
Visit our website at And thanks for becoming a part of our ever-growing family!
Debora L. Smith, Founder & Executive Director

Autism Resource Mom Mission video:

And a quick video from some of our latest activities for teens, young adults and parents of kids with autism.
Don't miss our latest video, featuring our very own talented performers!