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Happy Science is an international organisation with over 12 million members and temples and offices in over 100 countries. The founder of Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa, attained enlightenment in 1981 and awakened to his mission of bringing happiness to human-kind and creating a new Golden Age. Since attaining enlightenment, Master Okawa has published over 2500 books and has had the best selling books in Japan for the past twenty years. The purpose of this group is to spread the teachings of Master Okawa to enable people to attain a deep happiness themselves, and for them to then contribute to building a better world by helping others attain happiness. The teachings are based on 'universal Truth' and aim to integrate all the world religions by showing that they all come from the same source. The main pillars of the teachings are Faith, Love, Enlightenment, and the creation of Utopia

The people who would enjoy this group are those with an aspiration for enlightenment, those who are genuinely seeking truth, and those who want to improve themselves while also contributing to building a better world.

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