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What we’re about

Vision : To organize activities to help individual to achieve 150 to 300 mins of exercise a week.

To achieve standard BMI, ideal waist line and reduction visceral fats. 

To form a positive habit and gather positive people to take care of our own health and maintain a positive mental attitude. To help individual and family to take charge of their health and invest time in maintaining good physical and mental health being . 


 1) To expand the world of Tennis thru enhancing individual, family health and social values. 

Goals :

1) To be incubator for promising tennis players to take part in tennis tournament at different levels including ATP and WTA tournaments. 

2) To built more tennis facilities to promote tennis sports. 

3) To cover Singapore island wide condos tennis  and private courts ,  at least 20 courts for weekly tennis practice and games , 2 hours per court.  40 hours a week .

4) To achieve increase in players from beginners, intermediate , advance , competitive , ATP and WTA ,. 

5) To  have a coach and sports professional team . 

Who should join?

Individuals who want to invest time in health and get invaluable returns to stay alive and healthy. Be responsible to yourself, family and society. 

For Tennis sports:

Group 1: Beginners who have no encounter or  even interests on Tennis . We will introduce and let you experience the fun, excitement of the game. We have free lessons to let you enter to the world of tennis. 

Group 2: Players who have played before and stop tennis. We will rekindled the passion and fire to continue to experience the world of tennis. 

Group 3: Players who have been playing socially. We will improve our tennis after each game, we will open further dimension of the world of tennis. We will find new learning experience and always expect the next better games. 

Group 4: Players who want to reach intermediate, advance level, competitive level . We will be commited and responsible to help potential player to reach the full potential to challenge to reach greater dimension into their tennis experience and the team will further enlarge the dimension of the world of tennis. 

Group 5: Players who are also coaches. We need you experience and expertise to improve on our games. You will help us to conduct tennis clinics and lessons for our players from beginners to advance and competitive level. 

Group 6: Players who are in sports education,  sports related expertise. We need your valuable experience to further enhance our team total well being in tennis sports. 

Group 7: Players who want to participate in leadership and management roles in fulfilling the vision, mission and goals of our team. We are a team, we are always open to new talents and expertise.