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Welcome to the Sahaja Yoga Meditation! Sahaja is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being. We all have a sacred energy within us called 'Kundalini' in Sanskrit. When we awaken the Kundalini, the energy becomes active and rises from the sacrum through the spinal column up and beyond the fontanel bone, passing through and nourishing the seven energy centers, or chakras, on its way. This process is called Self-Realization. Through Sahaja Meditation an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes integrated, balanced, peaceful, joyous and relieved of stress. One can actually experience the kundalini awakening as vibrational sensations on the physical being. The techniques of Sahaja Meditation are easy, result oriented, and of time tested primordial roots. The classes are always free of charge.

In many ancient literature, we find that it takes life long efforts to achieve this state of awakening of energy. But this is not that hard after this advance technique invented by Dr. Nirmala Shrivastava, who finished her Doctorate in neuro-science and then researched on the basic causes of imbalance, sufferings and physical illness in humans and find a spiritual solution. In these meetups you will learn how to awaken this energy, and then use this energy for improving our physical, emotional, mental state as well as evolve on spiritual path. Connection with this inner energy during daily meditation, will develop satisfaction for life, eternal joy, wisdom, confidence, forgiving attitude and spontaneity.

Using this technique practitioners are experiencing low on anxiety, aggression, depression, irritability, and hypertension. While they go high on body immunity, memory, tolerance, enjoy their own company, social, etc.

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