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Welcome to the Zombie Camels Mountain Bike Club, the largest and most active social MTB cycling group in the Atlanta area, Georgia and beyond!

It's always free to ride in all our events. For awesome free stuff, benefits & to help us out with the costs of maintaining the group, consider becoming a full member.

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Mountain Bike Trails near Atlanta, Georgia (https://www.singletracks.com/mountain-bike/best_trails.php?new_state_id=391) (http://www.singletracks.com/mountain-bike/best_trails.php?new_state_id=391)

What we are about:


We are more than a group of random cyclists that explore the outdoors ; we are a family of mountain bike enthusiasts who share a common passion. As a member of our group, you are never left stranded or unsupported, due to our strict no-drop rule, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone.

Advocacy & Community
We care about the trails we ride & the community around us. We ride responsibly, support our local chapters (https://www.imba.com/teaming/clubs?state=Georgia&name=) and bike shops (https://www.facebook.com/notes/zombie-camels-mountain-bike-club/local-bike-shops/454860564720073) and encourage the conscientious use of the trails we love so that the next generation of bikers can experience the joy of riding them just as we do.
We love bikes! We can't help but share our latest builds, wish lists and collections. Whether you are on a super light single speed, enduro, all mountain, XC, gravel grinder, BMX, converted road bike or a 35-pound downhill DH machine; Whether you're an all-day endurance rider, or like to send it over doubles and 6' rock drops, all are welcome.

Upcoming events (4)

Let's ride FATS (Forks Area Trail System)

Forks Area Trail System (FATS)

Photo by sirbikesalot

A must do trail with endless flow

This trail system is an epic addition to the Sumter National Forest area trails. Amazing singletrack with great flow, tons of jumps, and fast terrain. Minimal climbing makes this a good trail for beginners while experts can test their cornering and jumping skills.

More details: https://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/forks-area-trail-system-fats.html

Quick 6 Enduro at Big Creek Park

Big Creek Park Mountain Biking Trails

The Big Creek Quick Six Enduro is comprised of six individual race stages. The total time on these stages determines the order of finish for the race. The Enduro will have connecting stages between the finish of one stage and the start of the next. The time between stages DOES NOT count toward a rider's overall time. We want riders to relax and have fun between stages.


Chain Buster Racing: Big Ring Challenge at Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit Trailhead

Join the ZCR Race Team for the Chainbusters 3/6 hour at Jack Rabbit.
All riders welcome from novice to expert. Race support and pit tent will be provided bring your comfy chair for the pit. Come out to race all 6 hours or just tailgate and cheer on your friends! Registration is up on the website https://www.chainbusterracing.com/big-ring-challenge

Camp chair, bicycle, racing needs, a kick ass attitude!

BTW, non racers are always welcomed. Always need extra hands helping the racers and depleting the cooler.

Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Fest!!!

Zinn Park

There are few mountain biking events as fun and exciting as the Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Fest (http://www.cwmfattirefest.com/index.html)! The Zombie Camels will be there in full force to drink in all that the festival has to offer.

Visit the festival website (http://www.cwmfattirefest.com/index.html) for registration information and to book your slot. Please make your own accommodations, and do it soon while there are still spots available. This is a very popular event and may sell out quickly. Since there will be so many events already planned, we will not schedule anything specific as a group, but we will certainly join up once everyone is situated at the event grounds.

Experience riding a first class IMBA Bronze level trail with 35 miles of sweet singletrack trail, specifically built for mountain biking. All the reviews point to Coldwater Mountain being one of the best trail systems in not just Alabama, but the entire Southeast!

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Chain Buster Racing 3/6 Hour at Chewacla

Chewacla State park

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