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Weary of monotone socials? Tired of all the sheep out there on meetup who disguise their boringness and a lack of individuality with pretentious BS?

Want to meet non-sheep and more interesting people? Well, in that case, join up, and improve your odds to meet people proficient in thinking for themselves.

Meetups may be announced really last minute, sometimes hosted at unsocial hours. Meetups may appear disastrously organised, and possibly in areas away from hipster gathering hotspots. This is all in the hopes that the woolly, bearded or social butterfly types don’t turn up and we, the others, can just have a lovely time contemplating world domination.

This meetup group is better suited for

- people with a sense of humour

- people who don’t take themselves very seriously

- paralysingly socially anxious people

- people who are indecisive and unable to follow direction

- people who think smoking is a revolting habit

- people who have considered the sanctity of life of bacteria

- black sheep

This Meetup isn’t for everyone, the following people should NOT join under any circumstances (or leave quickly if already a member)

- the pretentious or the egotistical

- people who adapts their persona based on the latest Instagram trend

- those who lack the capacity for imagination or original thought

- people who think Elon Musk is cool

- people willing to queue for more than 1 min to have brunch

Welcome, I hope to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere and I look forward to seeing you in person someday.


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