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Pre-Thanksgiving Get-Together at Jack's in San Mateo (cash, please)
Start the long weekend early! A fun and relaxed get-together for food, friends and fun at Jack's in San Mateo. Don't miss it! Make life easier by bringing cash. The folks at Jack's have always been great about welcoming us, and it's a great environment, but they don't like splitting checks across multiple credit cards - so cash is best! This event is taking the place of the normal Wednesday night meeting of Divorce and Relationship Recovery Burlingame. Learn more about that group at: ➜ Check our ALL our Thanksgiving weekend events at: ➜ Are you appreciating Bay Area New Beginnings, and/or the weekly Divorce and Relationship Recovery groups operated by New Beginnings' sponsor, the non-profit Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network? If you're benefiting, or you're just glad you're here and want our work to continue, please jin your friends and give generously as we approach the end of 2018. See who's already donated, and make your gift, at:

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This group is about fun and interesting activities for thoughtful, emotionally healthy people. It was launched in 2013, primarily for primarily for current or past participants in Divorce and Relationship Recovery groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, but is now open to anyone willing to treat others with respect and compassion.

Our events offer a way for people to re-enter the social world in a safe setting, to meet new people, and to do things together that are not focused on alcohol or romance. We insist on thoughtful, respectful behavior from everyone in the group and at our events.

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If you think you might like to organize events within this group, please join the group and then contact us at with your ideas. We can walk you through setting up Meetup pages for them, so other people in our group can learn about them and attend.

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Until December 2015, this group charged mandatory annual "dues," which were actually donations to the non-profit Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network, which supports six weekly information/support groups (five of them in San Francisco Bay Area) and is planning more in the future. We've done away with the dues, but would like each member to give at least $40 each year - or set up an automatic monthly gift - to support this life-changing work. Symbols like ⑮ , ⑯ and ⑰ denote group members who have given at least that much in the indicated year(s). Please make your contribution (tax-deductible to the full extent of the law) at:

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Please note that you assume all responsibility for your safety, privacy, transportation to and from and during our events. You should take the same care for these that you would take for any public or online event.

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