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What we’re about

Welcome to the  Meetup for The Center for Spiritual Emergence,
Transpersonally-based, systems-oriented, body-centered and trauma integrated clinical work address the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of our patients concerns as well as including health and wellness as pathways toward wholeness.
The Center for Spiritual Emergence offers services, clinical supervision and training to work with traditional areas of mental health and substance use disorder, including medication where indicated. We also include a specific focus on discerning when one is in an evolutionary process, not suffering mental illness, providing support and specialized care to help negotiate the difficulties often associated with spiritual emergencies.

According to Stanislav Grof, MD the psychiatrist who coined the term "spiritual emergency":

"The new data are of such far-reaching relevance that they could revolutionize our understanding of the human psyche, of psycho-pathology, and of the therapeutic process. Some of the observations transcend in their significance the framework of psychology and psychiatry and represent a serious challenge to the current Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of Western science. They could change drastically our image of human nature, of culture and history, and of reality." 

The Center for Spiritual Emergence is grateful to be at the forefront of these efforts to re-envision mental health and chemical dependency therapy and treatment including spiritual emergence and spiritual emergencies as critical issues to focus on in the healing process. 
Brack Jefferys, Ph.D. 
Founder, President & CEO