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Create. Connect. Collaborate. Are you creating content in a vacuum and longing for an audience you can engage with your work? Do you dream of presenting, showing or performing in an actual gallery with a supportive community of creative peers? Do you need some accountability and motivation (i.e. swift kick in the pants) to get started and find your creative groove? The Chicago Women's Creative Collective presents the Artist Salon for you to share, develop, test, express your ideas, projects and creativity. We support you in your daring efforts big and small in this forum for feedback, ideas and inspiration to keep you in momentum with whatever project you are in the midst of creating at any stage of development from concept to first draft to version 22 and beyond. GET YOUR TICKET ON EVENTBRITE HERE: At this event, we celebrate the creative PROCESS over product! We begin a creative coaching exercise or visualization bringing just a little bit of "woo-woo" into the practical by CWCC founder, Andrea Klunder, and then each Salon features 2 artists working on a project in any stage of progress. This could be writing, visual art, websites, presentations, marketing materials, screenplays, monologues, music, food and more. THIS MONTH FEATURING: Terri Lynne Hudson, actor and interdisciplinary artist, who will be sharing some early concept pieces for new work and CWCC founder Andrea Klunder will share a behind the scenes look at what potentially lies ahead for the Chicago Women's Creative Collective and we'll discuss the summer club she's cooking up. This includes a little bit of the creative "woo woo" (i.e. meditation, collage, aromatherapy, oracle cards, etc) meets technology. *** Featured Artists share a work-in process for 10-15min and then our whole Creative Mastermind will discuss and give supportive, constructive feedback for 10-15min. --- Anyone may apply to be a Featured Artist. Priority is given to current members of the Chicago Women's Creative Collective and you must attend at least one Salon before your present. If you have something you're working on and could use some feedback, fresh perspective, emotional support or even just the magical power of a deadline, please submit here: --- Everyone can be a part of the Creative Mastermind!!! 1) Get your ticket on Eventbrite: 2) Show up! 3) Listen, watch, observe -- take in the experience. 4) Join the conversation with support, encouragement, impressions, constructive feedback, etc. There will be wine and refreshments. ---- Hosted at ARC Gallery, a not-for-profit gallery and foundation whose mission is to bring innovative, emerging and/or experimental visual art to a wide range of viewers, and to provide a nurturing atmosphere for the continued development of artistic potential and dialogue. As a non-profit cooperative operated by a collective of women artists since 1973, ARC works to empower women by providing professional and mentoring opportunities in the visual arts. ARC serves to raise public awareness on various community-based issues by presenting exhibits, workshops, discussion groups and programs by, and for, underserved populations. --- $30 for both Featured Artists and Creative Mastermind attendees. Featured Artists are asked to also contribute the event fee, and are welcome to invite one complimentary guest to the event. YOU MUST GET YOUR TICKET ON EVENTBRITE HERE:

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The Chicago Women's Creative Collective (CWCC) was founded in 2012 by Andrea Klunder as a small group of multidisciplinary women and women-identified artists who wanted to test drive our work with women from diverse perspectives (i.e. not just other writers reading what we write or artists critiquing each other’s paintings...)

I believe the magic formula for a satisfying creative life & work style is: Self-Awareness + Self-Expression + Intentional Community.

So together, we create a forum for creative expression as an extension of who we are, making art within the context of community, and having a social network for fun WHILE amplifying and elevating our work!

We host:

Co-Working sessions around Chicago to get out of your home studio and stay focused;

Idea Brunches to explore the topics that matter most to us; and

Artist Salons to showcase our works-in-process and inspire the confidence and clarity to just keep creating.

Plus socials, member events, online chats and more.

The art and the process of making art can be more effective and enjoyable when there is a collaborative component -- if even only through having others witness your process as it unfolds -- rather than creating alone in a vacuum of isolation, where self-doubt, uncertainty and overwhelm can sometimes threaten to shut you down. We also believe that by sharing your process, not just the end product, you can inspire others to make their own work, risk vulnerability and take creative action.

Membership is open to all women who want to express their voice & share their talents and support others in doing the same. There is a small monthly membership fee of $6 for access to events, co-working sessions and more. You get at 90-day free trial with all access to sample a variety of events and meet our members!

Can't wait to create with you!

~Andrea Klunder
Media Producer, Mentor and Purveyor of Urban Mindfulness

We also have...

The Creative Impostor Facebook Group ( for expanding your global community beyond Chicago and connecting on social.

And I produce a podcast to support you in taking bold creative risks called The Creative Impostor! ( Available also on Apple Podcasts (, Google Play Music, ( Radio ( and your favorite podcast app.

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