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What we’re about

If you enjoy movies, this is the group for you! We meet several times per month and try to hit 'em all: blockbusters, art house favorites, award-watch films, indies, foreign, anniversary screenings, special events, etc.

We'll plan to get together at least 3 times per month. If you have a request, send me an e-mail!  We will usually combine some kind of optional dinner/drinks along with the movie.  The best part about seeing movies is sharing the experience with others. 

We'll try to post events in advance to help you plan, but because of the nature of the business, sometimes movies will change theaters or just disappear entirely. We’ll set up the event based on the best info available at the time, but understand that show times or even venues may change. All dates, times, and locations will be confirmed a few days before the show, so be sure to check the meet-up page or your e-mail before you go.

Also, please remember that this is primarily a friendship-making, movie-watching group and not a singles group.  If romantic connections are your goal and they happen naturally and are mutual, that’s wonderful!  But, certain behaviors can not be tolerated.   Please let me know if you observe or experience any of the following and the offending member will be removed from the group.  

• Sending unsolicited e-mails, messages or greetings or any unwelcome contact with members in person, via phone or other social media apps. 

• Hitting on members at events, or creepy  / overbearing / weird conduct. 

• Solicitation on the Meetup site or at the events please.

Also, please keep in mind that events listed in the "Discussions" page are not official meetup events and no organizer will be present.  I recommend attending only official events where an Organizer will be present.  However, if you do attend movie showings set up by members in the Discussions page or elsewhere, please use caution and only attend if you personally know the individual. 

Thanks for your help in keeping this a happy, chatty, safe, movie-watching group of friends!

Take care & see you soon!


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