What we're about

Calling all data visualization enthusiasts in Singapore.

This group is open to anyone in any industy, we don't care if you are a user of R, python, D3, WebGL, Vega, Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI, Excel. Everyone is welcome.

We hope this group will become a place for data vis folks to connect with each other.
People can come here when they have problems and need suggestion from field experts;
Or when they create something awesome and want to share with others;
Or when there is a new technology and want to discuss;
Or maybe just as an excuse to drink with like minded people.

Welcome to Data Vis Singapore.

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Visualising for Space from Low-Earth Orbit

WeWork 22 Cross Street

5 Surprises when Visualising for Space: What you may not have realised about data from Low-Earth Orbit Synopsis: With the explosion of interest in commercial space in recent years, there is now a huge influx of data flowing in from orbit. This has many implications for human society, but only if we can unlock its insights. Let's discuss challenges in designing visualisations with a designer who used to work in space, sharing some of his most surprising findings while constantly balancing explainability with the inherent complexity of space. Speaker: Yong Lin is a multi-disciplinary designer who previously worked on data visualisations in many domains. Owing to his industrial design background and technical art and animation experience in the AAA game industry, he helped Spire Global, a Silicon Valley new space data company, to design and develop both marketing visualisations and internal tools for their satellite constellation. He has also contributed to the development of a virtual reality anatomy curriculum in the Keio-NUS CUTE research lab to aid medical students in understanding complex structures in the human body. His interests include sleeping, one of the best ways to visualise his dreams. About event and housekeeping: Big thanks to WeWork, who is graciously hosting this event. As there are limited seats at the location, we will cap the maximum number of attendees. If you are not coming, please release your slot so that others who are interested can attend. Often many folks register but don't show up, which is unfair to other attendees and makes things difficult for hosts. I beg your understanding on this. If you are really interested and want to gatecrash, ping me and I'll help with any registration at location. We never serve food and drinks at our public talks, so please eat before coming, or you can join us for dinner/snacks after the event! This is cross posted with our sister meetup group Hacks and Hackers SG.

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Storytelling with Maps: Understanding the Belt and Road

WeWork 22 Cross Street

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