How to lead and win in a data life


Hi all! Adam (who spoke in June on Big Data, Small Machine ( is back to share with us his thoughts on data leadership and building a successful career in the data science. We will follow his talk with a panel discussion between Adam and Koo (who is Co-founder/Practicum Director of Data Science Rex and Adjunct Lecturer at NUS-ISS, SMU & UniSIM). Kai Xin (data scientist from Lazada) will be moderating the panel.


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Event details
9.45am - 10am: Networking session [casual; small talk]

10am - 10.30am: How to lead and win in a data life by Adam [casual level]

10.30am - 11am: Panel discussion on building a successful data science career (Adam, Koo, Kai Xin) [casual]

11am - 1130am: Networking session [casual; small talk]

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About our speakers:

Adam has been in technology roles in a variety of industries, including online marketing, financial services, healthcare, and oil and gas. His background is in Applied Mathematics, he helps companies change and use data more effectively, and his technical interests include online learning systems, high-frequency/low-latency data processing systems, recommender systems, distributed systems, and functional programming.

Koo is an experienced Data Scientist/Analytics Instructor with an MBA degree & 10+ years of relevant experience. Personal research interest in using Data Science to make organizations more efficient & effective and assisting more people to understand & pursue Data Science. He has adjunct positions in local IHLs and trained hundreds of professional. Experienced in Statistical Modelling, Credit Scorecard, Business Intelligence, Data Management (ETL process, access rights management and so on) and Text Analytics. Familiar with SAS, R, Python, SQL, etc.

Kai Xin is a data scientist at Lazada. Over the course of 5 years, he has built and deployed into production a variety of models that provide recommendations, text analytics, spam & fraud detection, segmentation and forecasting across domains like eCommerce, healthcare and consumer markets.

RSVPs will open on Saturday, 1st Oct (12pm) and closes one day before event day.

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