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You stumble upon a peculiar looking sight, a group of adventurers huddled around a table with papers and little figures strewn about. Then you notice an odd-looking.. jewel? It seems to have 20 sides to it, and the adventurers seem to be tossing it onto the table... you hear one of them mention something about “dungeons,” and another mutter the word “dragons”...

Do you like Dungeons & Dragons [D&D]? Are you an adventurer looking for a Dungeon Master [DM]? Are you a DM looking for adventurers? Come join!
From beginners to 1e veterans, everyone is welcome!
+1 inspiration for everyone!

Upcoming events (4+)

[#7] Is that a Ghost Ship? - Sess 0 (6 spots - intermedt.)

:: Short Campaign ::

length :: Episodic / Short
difficulty :: Intermediate +
characters :: level 1
DM :: Zelle
spots :: 6 spots max.

session 0 :: this meeting is simply to meet each other, to discuss time availabilities, get a background of the campaign, & create your characters!

[1-Session] Goblins & Detectives (4 spots - beginners only)

:: 1-Session Campaign ::
difficulty :: Beginner +
characters :: level 1 / assigned
DM :: Zelle
spots :: 4 max

background :: Janos Meer, the powerful underworld figure known as the Beggar King, has vanished. Gribbits—Meer’s right-hand goblin—has tasked a group of neophyte adventurers (you) with getting to the bottom of where his boss has gone, and why.

prep :: join the Discord group to receive your character sheet.

Adventurers Wanted! Social Event @ Kelly’s Pub

Kelly's Irish Pub

All Adventurers are invited to our monthly social event at Kelly’s Pub in Vieux Lyon! Many of us have only “met” virtually, some haven’t seen each other since last year, & there are many new faces as well. Please bring your favorite D&D stories or questions & let’s all grab a drink at the tavern!

Rules & Brews: Intro to DMing

Le Shrubbery

So you want to DM your own campaign, eh?

If you would like to learn more about the Dungeon Master (or Mistress) role, get some tips on running a D&D campaign, learn how to keep organized during long-running sessions, find some map-making tools, or just listen to a group of strangers speak in silly voices & accents - then please come join!

There is NO COMMITMENT to a campaign.
Just an intro to DMing, & if you would like to run a campaign, I will take headcount and availability.

No need to bring anything, except some questions you have, & your best role-playing voices!

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Spells & Brews: Intro to D&D

Le Shrubbery

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