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What we’re about

A group of Tech Leads, Managers, VPs and CTOs working together to broaden our perspective on how we can help our engineering teams to succeed and thrive.

Our goal is to create a forum that cuts across the boundaries of companies and informal networks, and focuses on the craft of leading engineers. We hope to develop a space where more experienced leaders can teach while more junior leaders learn.

Membership of the meetup group is by approval: technical managers of any experience level, as well as anyone on the cusp (such as a lead engineer) are all encouraged to join. We want to get out of our respective "bubbles", so the group is open to all technical leaders, regardless of background, industry, company size, team size or domain. We will work hard to make sure events feel welcoming and productive.

Each month the organizers post a high-level theme in the event description, such as "Promoting engineers" or "Executing on large projects". All members who decide to attend come prepared by bringing problems or solutions (or both!) on our topic so that they can participate actively. This might mean sharing advice from your own experience, or bringing problems that are currently solving or will soon be facing. As a member, don't worry if a topic is totally irrelevant to your role: we alternate among topics that appeal to ALL levels of technical leadership, so you can always join in on the next meetup!

We start the meetup by suggesting topics within that theme, and then choose a few to focus on so that we can work together to find real problems and relevant solutions. We show up, grab some food and drink, and then dive right in!