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Intro to Angular - Part 1
Intro to Angular Workshop Whether you learn Angular, React or Vue.js, focusing on a frontend framework is the next logical step toward becoming a great JavaScript developer. In this workshop we’ll focus on Angular 6 and how to turn your previous knowledge of building a webpage into a modern single-page web application. We’ll learn what Angular is and how we can use it to build reactive web experiences that behave much like native mobile applications. We’ll build a project throughout the two day course, putting all of the concepts into the perspective of a real project. DATES & TIMES Saturday, Aug 4 9am-1:30pm and Sunday, Aug 5 from 9am-1:30pm INSTRUCTOR We are honored to have Natasha Gaffer, Web Application Engineer at LightStream, teach our class. She has 8 years of industry experience. PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE This class is intended for JavaScript beginners who haven't yet done much with libraries and frameworks. You should understand programming basics like variables, data types, loops and conditional statements. You also are very familiar with the anatomy of the DOM. Your HTML & CSS skills are fairly advanced and you have no problem writing a quick CSS selector to change the font size of each paragraph on the page. Your JavaScript-specific experience is still pretty beginner, though. You may have dabbled in some DOM manipulation, experimented with vanilla JavaScript, or even done a bit of jQuery on your own, but working with JavaScript is still pretty new to you. If you have some JavaScript or programming experience or have taken the GDI San Diego Intro to JavaScript course, you are more than qualified to attend! TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT Download Google Chrome ( for viewing our work and using the Dev tools. Create a free GitHub account: Login to StackBlitz using your GitHub account WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS • Your laptop and charger (Mac, PC, or Linux are all okay). • A sack lunch; a microwave and refrigerator are available onsite. CURRICULUM The workshop will cover how to use the Angular CLI to rapidly generate the project structure as well as the fundamentals of modules, directives, components, databinding, routing, HTTP access and more! We’ll be using TypeScript to build a project during the workshop but don’t worry, TypeScript knowledge is not required - basic JavaScript knowledge is enough. QUESTIONS? Still not sure if this class is right for you or interested in TA-ing this class? Please send us and email at [masked] NOTE: We will be communicating with you about this class via the email you have in SPONSOR Thank you to Qualcomm for providing coffee and a venue for the workshop. ABOUT GIRL DEVELOP IT GDI exists to provide affordable, judgement-free opportunities for women to learn to code. Please review our Code of Conduct: To learn more about our San Diego chapter, visit SCHOLARSHIPS If you're interested in attending but are unable to cover the cost of the class, please apply for a scholarship here:

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