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Kanban Coaching Exchange (KCE)

The KCE is intended to be a really great place to learn, get those burning questions off your chest and to make new friends. It follows in the footsteps of the Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE) which often has Kanban specific questions and topics, the KCE will provide a Kanban focused forum.

We pride ourselves in giving back to the Kanban community and so these exchanges are about:

Connecting Kanban practitioners so that they can collaborate and work together in the future

Creating a learning environment

Providing a place for newer practitioners and coaches to seek support

Exchanging coaching skills and experiences

Developing new concepts collaboratively that we can use when coaching

Developing ideas that will support the discipline of coaching

Having fun, sharing, and collaboration

Improving the understanding of Kanban in the wider community

The target audience is you, peers that you work with or have worked with, Kanban practitioners, and anybody with potential to be coaches or good Kanban practitioners. Please feel free to bring others along, especially people from your current workplace/engagement who could benefit from this kind of sharing event.

The format will be a talk by an invited speaker, followed by open discussion based on what the group feels would be the best topics to spend our time on

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Online event

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Kanban, Squirrels and the Alternative Path to Agility with Andre Suman

About the Session
Discover a great Kanban case based on acts of leadership, autonomy, courage and a small dose of trickery.
The IT area of a large bank present in Brazil is one of the world's biggest cases of agility, with more than 200 teams and 5000 people directly involved. Until the beginning of 2017, the projects used Scrum (70%), Waterfall (30%), in addition, architecture, security, support teams, and others without a specific work model.
Agile Coaches identified teams where Scrum was not “Fit for Purpose” and Kanban Method emerged as an alternative path to Agility.

About the Speaker
Andre Suman - Agile Coach and Kanban Trainer
I have a BS in Computer Science from UNESP (Brazil) and started my career as a software developer in 2004. I was introduced to Agile in 2011 and since then I have been balancing my work life as both Agile Coach and trainer: supporting new practitioners on their journeys while experiencing real-life scenarios and challenges from the market.

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