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*The goal of this group is for researchers to meet each other, enhance their skills, and help advance the field of UX Research. It's a place for senior researchers to talk through challenging projects & methodologies, and for newcomers to become members of the community. If you'd like to make this an active group, step up! Let us know your interests and how you can help. We always welcome ideas for topics, speakers, venues and sponsors.

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UXR "Book Club" - How have research teams adapted due to COVID-19?

With COVID-19 impacting every industry in unique ways, many researchers are sharing how they have modified their approach to research. We have curated a few articles that we have found to be helpful in thinking about changing our own practices as UX Researchers. With all these great resources let’s talk about what we learned, debate which approaches are best, and level up our knowledge to better serve our users! Join this zoom event on October 8th @ 12:00PM PST. Discussion Topics to Expect What are the best practices for Remote Research? How do we conduct research to understand COVID Impact? 1. Making Remote Interviews Feel Less Remote https://medium.com/facebook-research/making-remote-interviews-feel-less-remote-359677ac8ebd 2. Research in a Transformative Time https://medium.com/facebook-research/research-in-a-transformative-time-b335e7b4d608 3. What Research Ops Professionals Are Doing in Response to COVID-19 https://medium.com/researchopslife/things-research-ops-professionals-are-doing-in-response-to-covid-19-ee0f0b5e3ea6 4. Reimagining Research During COVID-19 https://medium.com/facebook-research/reimagining-research-during-covid-19-77bafec25d9b 5. UX research during crisis: understanding rapidly evolving user needs to inform responsive design https://uxdesign.cc/crisis-responsive-ux-research-f60e12a8b9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This event is a pilot for a series we want to start for the LA UX Research Meetup Group. We want to create more events like this that engage members of the groups in conversation and provide space for expanding everyone’s network. We hope that you come to the event ready to share your thoughts, learn from others, or come to ask questions! The events are intentionally small so that we all get a chance to create friendships and meet new people in a more personal setting. As we mentioned before this is a pilot program and we are always looking for feedback. Please share any ideas and recommendations you have for this new program we are testing. We are looking forward to getting to know everyone better and share knowledge on some great topics in the UX Research Community!

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Democratizing UX Research: Helping or Hurting Our Field?

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