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Welcome to the London Introverts Social Club. This group is specifically for Introverts but we also welcome Extroverts too.

People often mistaken the word “introvert” for shyness which is not true, many introverts are very confident, however, they are usually confident in a quiet way (although it is true that most shy people are introverted). Introverts get energised by reflecting inwards, whereas people who are extroverted get energised the more they socialise.

There are many qualities and patterns of behaviour that define an introvert but generally speaking it can often include the following;

1. You enjoy having time to yourself

2. Your best thinking occurs when you're by yourself

3. Other people ask you for your opinion

4. You're a good listener.

5. You're trustworthy

6. Introverts are thought provoking when you get them talking

7. Introverts are self-reflective

Famous Introverts include Barack Obama, Dali Lama, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, J K Rowling, Emma Watson, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Warren Buffet... the list goes on :-)

In 2017 we plan to host a number of fun events so please keep checking the calender and hopefully something will tickle your fancy.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Title Fruit and Veg Picking, Copas Farm, Iver, Sun 22nd July, 1.00pm

Lets go and enjoy the sun, fresh air and each others company, picking juicy, ripe and healthy fruit and veg in the countryside! Relax; enjoy breathing the fresh air, chat; enjoy the green open space; browse the ready-picked and frozen fruit/veg and juices etc in the farm shop; and pick all you the vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants you want and can! Days out don’t come more fun than wandering through sunny fields to gather a whole lot of goodies before going back home to eat and bake the juicy, fresh fruits and vegetables of your labour - salads, stir-fries, sauces, cakes, puddings, pies and homemade jam! Grab some containers or baskets and love the satisfaction of gathering your own goodies. Visit the farm shop for ready picked and frozen fruit/veg and apple juice! Copas Farm Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, cherries, plums, runner beans and peas are available throughout July – enjoy picking the biggest and ripest of fruits and dropping them into your basket! ‘Pick Your Own’ (PYO) fruit and vegetables is a fun and enjoyable experience and attracts visitors back year after year. Copas Farm provides a pleasant and easy environment in which to pick and learn more about the importance of locally grown produce. Copas Farm grows and offers a wide range of high quality seasonal fruits and vegetables selected for their flavour. They are grown using modern planting and cultivation techniques and only a minimum of fertiliser/insecticide. In addition to the exercise and sense of well-being obtained from being in the fresh air, fresh fruit and vegetables are a nutritionally healthy and important part of the diet, providing the body with a range of essential and valuable nutrients including vitamins and minerals, fibre and antioxidants (as well as being low in fat.) Copas ‘Pick Your Own’ Farm offers the opportunity to pick delicious fruit and vegetables which are weighed, paid for based on the kg charge of the respective fruit/vegetable and then taken home to eat. Punnets, baskets and bags are provided into which the produce picked can be put. Entrance charge: a min charge of £3/ person is paid upon entry before picking the fruit and vegetables and is refunded off the produce picked (but not off things bought in the farm shop.) Farm shop: Stocked with ready-picked and frozen fruit and veg together with Copas Farm Apple Juice made from apples grown in the orchards. Link to Copas Farm website: http://www.copasfarms.co.uk/pick-your-own/find-us/ NB: If using satellite navigation to Iver, the postcode is for the main trade entrance, the public entrance is around the corner on Billet Lane, so please follow the PYO signs from there. Reviews ‘Enjoyed a great day fruit picking. The farm is well run and friendly. Wide selection of fruit and vegetables to pick and the quality is excellent. “A plentiful supply of excellent strawberries, raspberries, cherries, plums, blackcurrants, peas, beans and sweetcorn. Its hard not to pick too much! Wonderful, lovely strawberries. Very impressive rows and rows of plants, gorgeous fresh fruit with good colour, impressed! Such fun picking your own. The fields are extensive with good choices of berry fruit and vegetables. Most enjoyable: fresh air, walking, pleasant staff, parking, apple juice in the small shop. Great fun for all! Hidden gem :) I love this farm! So much fun exploring the fruit/veg to pick! Fresh apple juice in the shop tastes divine! And strawberry jam that was naturally sweet. So worth the trip, fresh fruit and veg that tasted great! Fantastic farm visit and great strawberries. A lovely time. Fresh Strawberries were juicy and sweet.

Evening Drinks

Prince William Henry

• What we'll do .... we'll be chatting and making friends • What to bring .... just bring yourself and and expectant attitude • Important to know .... The start & finish times are guides it okay to come after the start and leave before the end. This meetup is also listed on The London Shyness Social Group meetup groups, so attendance will likely be higher than what is shown on this page. See you soon Richard. PS If you can't find where we've sitting in the venue put a message in "Comments" and we'll find you.

Hook: Camden

Hook: Camden

Hello Everyone, Have any of you heard of the restaurant Hook? I have only been to this restaurant once (at the beginning of last year) and I have been meaning to go their again... I was very impressed with their new age style and or alternative approach to fish and chips. The downside is the very small portion sizes considering their prices, therefore I must to say that this restaurant is ideal for those with deep pockets with small appetites… Below is the link to the Hook Website: https://www.hookrestaurants.com - EXTRA INFORMATION This will be a joint “Shy London” and “London Introverts Social Club” event. This is in order to make up numbers, increasing the chance of the event being a success. I will need at least 60% of the spaces to be filled 48 hours prior to the event. *If not, the event may be cancelled or moved to a future date... *In the event of members being on the wait list, all RSVPs will be contacted 2 days before the event to confirm their attendance. Those that do not respond may be removed from the event to make room for someone on the wait list… If you are unable to attend this event please change your RSVP in good time to give someone else a chance to take your place, (avoiding the above). - MEETING POINT The meeting point will be the entrance/exit of Camden Town Station, on the Camden High Street side, opposite the VANS store. We will meet there at 6:40pm and will remain there until 7:00pm before making our way to Hook. If you are going to be late or you are no longer attending, please make sure that you let me know. If not, I will assume that you will not be attending and therefore cannot guarantee a space will be available for you if you turn up… If you have any queries, let me know. I hope to see you there. Leon

Film: 'Bhaji on the Beach' - Sun 18th Aug, 5.40pm, Bfi Southbank

Join me and fellow members to watch the film ‘Bhaji on the Beach.' We'll meet beforehand in the bar of the cinema at 5.25pm so that we can all say 'hello' and those wanting a drink/snacks can buy them, watch the film at 5.40pm and then meet again afterwards. For those that would like, we can go for a drink and a chat and to reflect upon the film after. I'll let you know my seat number when I have booked it so that hopefully we can sit together. Look forward to meeting some of you soon. My mobile no. for anyone that cant find us is:[masked]. I'll let you know what I'll be wearing. Tickets can be bought online or by phoning the box office or on the day. Tickets cost £ Film Synopsis Bhaji on the Beach is an entertaining drama about nine Indian women from Birmingham, England, who are thrown together on an outing to the Blackpool seaside. The feminist tour guide has her hands full with three generations to handle. An assembly of Indian women, both immigrants and their British-born brethren, travel to the English seaside in this comic drama. The plot focuses on a trio of young women caught between tradition and independence: Ginder (Kim Vithana), who risks the uncertainties of social ostracism and single motherhood in order to escape from her abusive husband; Hashida (Sarita Khajuria), who jeopardizes her promising future in medical school when she becomes pregnant by her West Indian boyfriend (Mo Sesay); and Simi (Shaheen Khan), who integrates her feminist politics and her commitment to her culture by heading up the Saheli Asian Women's Group. To provide the women of her community with a chance to get together and enjoy themselves, Simi organizes a ladies-only trip to Blackpool, a seaside resort town that resembles Atlantic City. Along for the ride are boy-crazy teens, conservative matrons, and a garish visitor from Bombay, each of them offering a singular perspective on Asian immigrant culture. Asha (Lalita Ahmed), a middle-aged wife, mother, and newsstand proprietor, spends much of the trip experiencing picturesque visions in which an Indian goddess reprimands her for the missed opportunities in her life. Introspection gets pre-empted, however, when Ginder's husband (Jimmi Harkishin) and his brothers show up looking for a little involuntary family reunion. The sari-clad elders in the group just don't know what to make of the sexual problems of these younger women. Reviews ‘...first-time director Gurinder Chadha extracts maximum fun from her sedate matrons and wild teenagers let loose in a working-class holiday hell; she is, in fact, as comfortable with the bhaji as the beach. Segal is wonderfully wrong-headed as chief of the censorious aunties, and Ahmed delightful as the wistful shopkeeper Asha, who meets a camp old English actor (Cellier) and cavorts with him in Bollywood daydreams.’ ‘Consistently warm, and in moments savvy and irreverent, this feminist day trip of Asian immigrants to a British searesort contains some lurid and funny fantasies staged in the colorful Bollywood style.’ ‘Gurinder Chadha has done a fine job directing this unusual slice-of-life drama which, like My Beautiful Launderette, portrays a subculture in Britain.’ 'As the quietly charming British film "Bhaji on the Beach" begins, a busload of Asian Indian women set off from their community center in Birmingham for a day at the beach in Blackpool. At first glance, they seem to have nothing in common aside from their desire for sun and sand, but Simi, the group leader, envisions the outing as more of a crusade. In her pep talk before the bus leaves, she reminds the women they've struggled under the burdens of racism and sexism, and advises them to have a "female fun time." From the looks on their faces, we can see they don't share Simi's idea of a fun time, and by the end of the film, after much laughter, some romance, many secrets and a few tears, we realize that a female fun time means very different things to each one of them. The film's director, Gurinder Chadha, uses the day trip as a way to look at issues in the British Asian community, where old traditions and new ways make for uncomfortable situations. The passengers on the bus include older women who are firm in their conservative attitudes, a couple of teenagers who are basically on the lookout for boys, a mother who is escaping for the day from her abusive husband, and a medical student who has a secret: She is pregnant by her black boyfriend, a West Indian. The pregnant student and the woman with the abusive husband give Chadha the opening to examine deeply felt issues among Asians in Britain, who feel that both divorce and interracial dating are European innovations they would be better off without. The older women make no secret of their prejudices, but Chadha doesn't go for a simple demonstration of that. Instead, in a scene both daring and intricate, she places the two older ladies in a tea shop where, while the British proprietor insults them with racist observations, they essentially ignore her in order to make their own, also racist, observations to the medical student. Meanwhile, the teenage sisters wander away from the group, and one of them gets involved in a charming subplot involving a daylong flirtation with a local boy who likes her. She is flattered and shy; he is persistent but actually quite nice. And of course the girl's sister and the boy's best friend end up as the odd couple; romance always leaves some leftovers. The backdrop for their day is the boardwalk at Blackpool, sort of an Atlantic City caught in a time warp. For the pregnant woman, the day is an opportunity for reflection. Should she have the child and endanger her lifelong ambition of becoming a doctor? Or have an abortion and lose not only the child, but its father, whom she loves? The way the movie resolves this question is both thoughtful and surprisingly moving. "Bhaji on the Beach" is at the opposite end of any scale from the British films that win wide audiences here, such as "Howard's End" or "Four Weddings And A Funeral." In its examination of outsiders in a changing society, it shows people who have left their homeland and tried to bring it along with them, only to find that in a new home there are new values. There is also a younger generation. And given the fact that every older generation believes all of its values have been lost by the young, it is a wonder there are any left to pass along, after centuries of such decay, but there are - and the way the movie makes that clear is one of its strengths.'

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