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Standard event description: “6:00pm-~9:30pm. ..Let's talk Android! --problems you need solved, helping others solve theirs, how it works, where it's going, & making new friends!”; We do dinner, news, presentation(s), jobs & technical issues, group planning, update member profiles, a little hacking, & potentially a club afterwards!; and our attendance is steadily increasing (~2 additional people each month)." (source ( (prior) 2011.08.10(Wed): Our 15th Classic Meeting listing ( "17 attended", live notes (
. 2011.10.05(Wed): Our 16th General Meeting & Hack Night listing ( (live notes ( Bring dinner (as fast-food) to the meeting venue we don't yet have a food sponsor. And as always, bring your wifi laptop computer. Topics: OCAndroid's growth including leader nominations & elections. OCAndroid is growing fast & improving! By member requests, we're expanding from 2 meeting tracks to 6, and have leadership positions open in almost all tracks: OCAndroid General Meeting + Hack Night (formerly Classic Meetings)
--leaders: Destiny (; nominate a 2ndary! OCAndroid Bash for Advanced+Intermediate Developers (
--leaders: nominate 2!) OCAndroid Bash for Intermediate+Beginner Developers
--leaders: nominate 2! OCAndroid Bash for Users
--Leaders: Lucy (; nominate a 2ndary!) Smartphone Class ( for users!
--Leaders: Lucy ( nominate a 2ndary!) weekly Hack Nights (for Developers (and Users?)):
--leaders: Jeffrey; nominate a 2ndary! 3+ conferences for developers --some & soon all featured our calendar.
Every meeting track is to have a primary & secondary leader. Please nominate yourself or someone you know to lead these. Elections will start at this meeting!

Further details of each track & position? Come to the meeting! Also URL Meeting Tracks ( will have more details very soon. This is a Joint-Meeting with Orange County's only other known Android developer group, http://SoCalAndroid.Org !
Yes, they are smaller and have only in December changed their focus focus specifically on Android (formerly they were Embedded Java in general), but they are delightfully: providing for us all (adding to our OCAndroid schedule) a real nice weekly Hack Night led by Jeffrey, a sharp UCI Android instructor combinging their Hack Night meeting with our General meeting, so all members meet and our very first Hack Night with them with will be at the end of this our General Meeting! Member Thom ( Thom will present his solution of much easier apps using mostly HTML5 instead of Java/Objective-C. Member Lucy ( will be presenting her invention for demoing phones on a big video screen. Plus her plans for her Users' meetings. PLEASE POST TOPIC SUGGESTIONS [by posting in our forum for it: Our Message Boards ( events & presentations Forum LBQGMR where thread names the presentation/topic/event; before, this had read "below in the event listing" but I am again reminded that that problems for further discussion and Q&A on the that topic/presentation]. ­ More topics to be decided free-flow at the meeting. We've done this a few meetings in the past and with surprising success.​ NEW EXCITING VENUE. After weeks of searching and several venues I looked into, I had the great fortune to find the venue listed above, a modern programming language training center seating ~40 and centrally located in OC (by the 5 & 405 freeways & OC Airport). Plus they offer numerious programming & software developer classes, including on Java, Android, and JavaScript. And, while they aren't free, they put absolutely no pressure & or expectation for attendes to join and are delightfully nice to provide their facility to us, the public Android community. Be a meeting hero! WE NEED MEETING SPONSORS! --to help at any level to cover meeting costs. Be a meeting hero by helping provide or pay-for food for all attendees, presentation equipment (including Hotspot -see next), and/or the meeting room. In exchange we will promote your business on our event listings and announce & thank you for your contributions at the meetings. Please email or phone our Head Organizer to become a sponsor. WE NEED PORTABLE HOTSPOTs in case we ever use/must-use a venue which doesn't have wi-fi Internet for us (some great ones don't). Post your hotspot ideas & offers ( Key listing history especially not covered by below event comments, in order: 2011.08.10: initially updated but just with last agenda. Attendance limit was & is set to 18+Waiting List as 18-chairs is all that will fit in our Spectrum conference center. 2011.09.07(Wed): auto-emailed out to members as (at that time) it was scheduled for 1 week later 2011.09.12~: as proposed, delayed ~1 week due to conflict with another group event. 2011.09.13pst23-14pst07: fresh description written 2011.09.14pst1820: list of key updates emailed to all members ( many comment updates, for the venue search. 2011.09.20pst1213- auto-emailed out to members as it was next day. 2011.09.21pst1053- copied over from comment updates for new (actually our historic) place to post venue possibilities (in the forum, not event comments), plus updated to do the same for topic/presentation possibilities. 2011.09.21(Wed)1710- we need a bigger venue and all venues I expected fell thru, so postponed meeting from tonight to tentatively 2011.09.26(Mon); see comment at this time explaining more. Until date & venue are definite, also turned off auto-reminders. 2011.09.25(Sun)1631- Not for almost 7 weeks (our last meeting 2011.08.10(Wed) ( have Android developers of OC gotten their Android fix, so the RSVP YES list is growing, and we now have 24 people RSVPing they want to go, including 6 on waiting list. So I've been working very hard to find a venue with all the features we need (fit 30 people (about double what we had last time), with wifi and projection screen, and central to OC). I've searched libraries, restaurants, rental places, businesses; but it's not easy secure something with all this in time for our upcoming tentative date tomorrow (2011.09.26(Mon)), indeed it could take a week, so I must postpone meeting to tentatively 2011.10.05(Wed).
The good news is this gives us more time to get presenters. And it avoids conflict with 2011.09.28(Wed) OC-PHP meeting (, plus our 1st Advanced Dev mtg ( tentatively 2011.10.04(Tue). Also, one of our regular members (Rohit) ( happened to mention he was unfortunately not RSVPing this time since he saw a waiting list so TOO-kindly wanted to let others attend, but we need the RSVP list to choose our venue size, especially since I'm looking for a newer bigger venue, so I've now upped the attendee limit to 30+waiting list (since all the bigger venues I've found can hold this much). 2011.10.02(Sun)1906- update listing with great venue I got on Wed. restructure listing as a single outline, with general points applying to the track plus individual entries for each date. ­ remove food details (including requests for food orders as that got little response & is complex to administer) ­ add meeting-sponsor request. ­ updated venue limit from 30 to 36.
2011.10.03(Tue)1313- When I increased the venue limit, didn't convert the members on the waiting list to YES, so the counts are still: 21 attending (should be 5 more), 15 spots available (should be 5 less), 5 on the waiting list (should be 0). Converted: Chris Hawkins Matt Viktor Belényesi - not until he put a profile pic to stds ( Don Bartolome Prasanna Venkatesan
2011.10.04(Tue)1329- Add Dave Ford since I recall he told me verbally on Wed he would be there there ~7pm or later. 2011.10.04(Tue)1333- going who don't put a profile pic to stds (, can't move to waiting list so send them warning: Allan Hundhausen, srinivasa nori. 2011.10.04(Tue)1842- add "We need portable hotspots" 2011.10.05(Wed)1624- complete & clearer update to the topics. Added Joint-group URL. Added Venue URL.
​2011.11.02(Wed)~ Our 17th General Meeting listing ( . Venue: PLEASE SUGGEST SOME MORE!
["POST UR VENUE SUGGESTION AS A NEW THREAD(named by venue name) IN OUR FORUM 4IT: Our Message Boards ( Venue Forum LH2C7F" per comment Sep 1 "1:38 AM"; before that, this had said "by posting on the event listing" but that also emails out to all attendees who don't need these working details & conversations emailed to them, just the decision on where to go.]
​(=LO9QFO​(To attend, you must follow the latest version of "info for every event LEVW4X" (​LO9QFO=) (“ LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp & uniquely-reference most anything .”)