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Marketing automation is changing how marketers do their jobs by enabling one-to-one marketing across web, email, mobile, and more. Whether you are a MA maven, or just heard about it 5 minutes ago, join us to to cover key topics like:

Is marketing automation right for my business?
How to select the right marketing automation platform for your business.
Automated campaigns ideas that can be implemented quickly to increase ROI.
How to score, nurture, and retain leads.

What is marketing automation?
Self-activating communications triggered by user behaviors and built on integrated sales and marketing platforms.

What does marketing automation do?
MA integrates sales and marketing platforms and programs, leveraging behavioral (who they are) and demographic (what they do) triggers to deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

What are some marketing automation platforms?
Act-On • Eloqua • Hubspot • Marketo • Net-Results • Pardot • Right On Interactive • Silverpop

Is marketing automation called anything else?
Behavioral marketing, lead management automation, real time marketing, email marketing automation.

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