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We give our children presents....but do we give them presence? Can we really 'stay' even with difficult, emotional moments? Come and investigate the obstacles to this within a 5 week course, in which parents learn about 'Coming Home' in a supportive and nurturing self reflective process
Katy has worked professionally for many years with children and families to build more connected relationships (www.family-sos.org). She recognizes that many parents want more than 'fixing' their child, and are ready to explore their own interaction styles. This course helps parents notice reactive thought patterns, continually tune in to moments of difficulty, add acceptance and compassion (for themselves and their family members) and remain connected even amidst anger, anxiety or conflict. Are you ready to generate 'presence' and be for your child a person (with vulnerabilities and flaws) as well as a parent (with responsibilities rules) to generate more whole-hearted relationships?

It helps parents look at inner beliefs that affect the behavior of themselves and their children. It moves away from learning how to regulate, reassure, reason and rule our children, and towards being able to work with what ‘IS’.

It will help families experiencing anger, anxiety, poor communications, and power struggles. It shifts the approach from ‘what can I do to FIX my child’, to ‘what can I do to adjust to the way things are’ which will subtly shift the energies and experiences towards change.

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