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Journalist Peter Byrne on the "Forever War"
Science writer and investigative journalist Peter Byrne has lately been preoccupied with what he sees, in recent history, as the “new” military strategy of the U.S. It is a strategy marked by a call for ever more war funding and identifying most of the planet as the “Enemy”. This vision and its funding have become part of a military machine enabled by both Democrats and Republicans in our government. The often-cited motivation is the “global war on terror”, which for Peter brings up questions regarding what terrorism is and is not, as well as the root causes of extremist violence on both the left and right. There is also the question of the real motivation for planting our military presence all around the world; economic globalization in general and oil resources in particular seem to play a significant part in this story. They in turn help motivate the extremism that feeds the war on terror. Peter will give a talk entitled “Inducing Chaos: The foundational design of the ‘forever war’ – and what we can do to stop it.” Along with laying out the elements of a war without end, Peter will offer not just obvious practical reasons for ending it, but also what he calls “lessons of evolutionary biology to consciously chart a path for humanity to escape the ashes of Empire and restore life to the burning planet.” While a great deal of political will is required to go down that path, Peter will endeavor to share how it can be done.

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