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The purpose of this Lighting Workshop is to provide hands on instruction in Fashion and Classical Portrait Lighting, as applies to photographers and painters desiring to learn sound principles and techniques.

Special Event - Lighting Workshop:

Each year during the fall season, we venture into the era of 1940's Hollywood at the Falcon Field Air Museum for a day of Hollywood Fashion Lighting in the setting of WWII Aircraft.

This Lighting Workshop, highlighting the style of Hollywood in the 40's is scheduled for October 12, 2014 10am to 4pm. The date has now been confirmed with the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, Falcon Field Admin.

Bring your camera and favorite lens and be prepared to soar back to the Big Band Era, as you learn the Lighting Style of Hollywood in the 40's. A style that Hallmarked Hollywood's Golden Years with Movie Stars Bigger than Life.



Outdoor Lighting Workshops - Topics Covered:

Outdoor Lighting; the use of reflectors and diffusion panels to direct and soften sunlight.

Evaluating the available light; direction and quality and augmenting it with additive and subtractive lighting techniques.

Evaluating and selecting the setting to support the character of your portrait.

Working with Speed Lights to recreate the lighting explored above.

Modifying the character and quality of auxiliary light sources.



In these workshops you will learn classical and fashion portrait lighting patterns and how to create them with natural available light and small shoe mount strobe units or Speed Lights.

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