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ProductTank SF is one of the largest meetups for product people in San Francisco. It brings together the local product community, whether they’re Product Managers, Designers, or Developers, to share their experience and knowledge.

ProductTanks are always free to attend, organized by volunteers from the local product community, and supported by our generous sponsors.

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Leveling Up Your Product Leadership Skills

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In this edition of ProductTank SF you’ll pick up next-level leadership techniques from three seasoned experts. First, Jenn Kim and Sabin Sadeh will share their top tips to adapt your leadership strategy for a variety of scenarios then we’ll hear insights from Jeff Lash’s research findings on top-performing product teams. ABOUT THE TALKS: Practicing Adaptive Product Leadership We all know what “ideal” product development should look like, but what do we do when things go wrong? This talk is about recognizing the different levels of clarity and confidence in a group and being able to adjust your leadership strategy according. Knowing whether to draw out information and insights, collaboratively problem-solve, or step up and drive as the expert is a key skill for all product leaders. In this talk, we’ll (1) walkthrough tips for recognizing which modes of leadership might be more helpful in aligning your team, (2) how to interpret different types of team input, and (3) how to adjust your strategy based on this information. Product Management Excellence: What World-Class Product Management Teams Do Differently Product management has not always been one of those evidence-focused fields. Product managers have historically “fallen” into the role, learning on the job by watching others who also learned on the job. Although product management leaders recommend and coach their teams on certain approaches that seem logical, the reality is that there has been little evidence to support certain product management practices or shed light on important aspects that may have gone unnoticed -- until now. We conducted research to identify the characteristics that drive product management excellence – product management teams that perform at a higher level than their peers. This session is for anyone leading or part of a product management team who wants to know what are the factors that are truly important in creating a product management function that can repeatedly produce products that achieve commercial success. ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Jenn Kim, Group Product Lead, Potato Jenn is a group product lead at Potato, where she partners with clients to deliver innovative solutions and delightful user experiences. Before Potato, she was the first hire at four different startups, where she specialized in leading design and discovery, growing small teams, and evolving product MVPs. Sabin Sadeh, Product Lead, Potato Sabin is a Product Lead at Potato. Prior to Potato, he had spent several years as a management consultant leading his clients through digital transformations. He has worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies across the tech, financial, insurance, and retail sectors. He currently works with his team and clients at combining the best of technology, data, and design to execute successful product visions. Jeff Lash, Vice President and Group Director, Product Management Research and Advisory, Forrester Jeff Lash is VP and Group Director, Product Management Research and Advisory services at Forrester where he advises product management leaders and their teams on how to implement best practices and improve efficiency and effectiveness in order to create world-class product management organizations. He has 15+ years of experience in product management, product marketing, user experience, and product development. Jeff also writes the popular How To Be a Good Product Manager blog (www.goodproductmanager.com). Thanks to our sponsors Autodesk and Cookpad!

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