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Google IO 2013 will be held at May 15- 17!

So, this special event is for Entrepreneurs / Developer who use Google Technologies to meet with each other.

Sponsors welcome!

-David Cao

Apply for speak or demo:

=== Agenda ===

6PM Networking (First in first serve)

6:30PM Opening & Introduction

6:35PM Opening Remark

6:45PM App Demo

=== Presenter List===

AndroVM: simplify developers' testing tasks with an easy tool By Cedric Ravalec, CEO of Genymobile

N/A: a DIY e-book creator app that collect a series of photos and narrative By Robert Rowntree, developer at N/A

FLASHiZ: enjoy the same simple user experience while paying with your smartphone in shops, online, printed invoices etc
By Nicolas Vilmart, CTO North America at FLASHiZ

cisimple: makes mobile development more efficient
By Kevin Rohling, founder/CEO of cisimple

radius: a simple, easy-to-use social networking app
By Ryan Nier

Infinite Canvas: allows users to view and create non-linear media that they can share quickly
By Katelyn Lyster, Co-Founder & Content Evangelist of Alacrity Software

Story: a mini-blogging social network for iOS
By Simon Helyar


Cedric Ravalec, CEO of Genymobile

Cedric Ravalec : Genymobile CEO, PAUG (Paris Android User Group) co-founder, highly involved in the Android community.Samuel Rats : AndroVM core developer

Product Desc: AndroVM

For many Android developers, the stock Android emulator is not performant, difficult to install and use, and lacks some functions. Aimed at replacing the stock emulator, AndroVM objective is to simplify developers' testing tasks with an easy and performant tool. This presentation will explain and demonstrate :- the main advantages of AndroVM over the stock emulator (performance, simplicity)- how AndroVM can be integrated with Eclipse- how to script tests using the AndroVM embedded shell

People attending the presentation will be given the possibility to beta-test the future release of the product.

Robert Rowntree, developer at N/A

Software developer for 30 years, currently located in San Francisco and a startup vet who left the enterprise world in 2000. Co-founder/CTO at RealTimeMatrix, a Berkeley startup that rode the tides of personalized blogs, then widgets, before settling on branded social network apps. Recent work focused on media distribution in a cloud enabled mobile environment.

Product Desc:
all present a DIY e-book creator app(android phones + tablets) backed by cloud-storage and by integration of media features of the phone/tablet with the process of creating books that collect a series of photos and narrative. Vilmart, CTO North America at FLASHiZ

Nicolas, French, from Luxembourg, in Silicon Valley since April 2013.CTO North America at FLASHiZ, and member of founding team.After 5 years at Accenture, and 5 months at PwC in IT advisory, I started FLASHiZ in September 2011 in Luxembourg, with experts in Payment sector and mobile technology.
FLASHiZ is already live in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Spain.We will launch our pilote phase for US in Silicon Valley by this summer.

Product Desc: FLASHiZ

Many ways to shop, one way to pay. With FLASHiZ, enjoy the same simple user experience while paying with your smartphone in shops, online, printed invoices, on vending machines, on tv, but also P2P transfers or in App. On top of that, loyalty programs are embedded within payment process, without any additional step. Merchant can create a program from FLASHiZ platform, or interface their own program through a simple API.With a 100% software based solution, FLASHiZ needs no additional hardware to be accepted in shops.

Kevin Rohling, founder/ CEO of cisimple

"I've been a part of a number of mobile products/companies. I was the CTO at Breezy and worked as an engineer at when it was acquired by PayPal. I am currently the founder/ceo of cisimple.I love mobile and the mobile development process. I founded cisimple to make it a more streamlined, less painful experience."

Product Desc: cisimple
cisimple is a continuous integration platform designed specifically for mobile.By automating builds, test execution and beta distribution we help developers find problems faster and respond to them immediately. Our incredibly streamlined setup process takes just a few clicks to configure and our testing platform supports a wide range of simulated device configurations.Unlike traditional CI products, we are laser focused on solving the unique challenges associated with mobile development.

Ryan Nier

I'm an IP/tech/privacy attorney with a prior life in product design and programming. Before I went to law school, I spent a few years doing web design, and then a few years coding ASP/HTML/CSS/SQL for an internet start-up. Three years ago, I decided I wanted to get back in the game. Since then, I've been working on a variety of concepts/products to solve problems that affect me in my everyday life -- including radius.

Product Desc:radius

radius is a simple, easy-to-use social networking app that allows people to connect with others around them to do the things they like to do. Whether it's finding seven more people to play basketball, finding a rock climbing partner, learning an instrument, or joining up with an existing game of dodgeball, radius allows you to connect, chat with, locate, and meet up with the people around you who share your interests.
We have a ratings feature (reviews), a compatibility system, fully-functioning chat, "buddies," and brief user profiles. We're still looking to improve, add new features, and test on a wider scale.
We're currently in beta. Here's a version of our website, which is on hold while we fix our actual one: Lyster, Co-Founder & Content Evangelist of Alacrity Software

Katelyn Lyster is co-founder of Alacrity Software, a an application for the iPad that supports non-linear transmedia. She leads the content evangelism, business development and marketing initiatives. Katelyn’s experience spans international education, human resources, mobile technology, and environmental activism.Her current focus is using innovative tools in technology and education to empower positive social change.

Product Desc: Infinite Canvas

Infinite Canvas is the next generation of multimedia content production and presentation. It allows users to view and create non-linear media that they can share quickly, unhindered by gatekeepers or service subscriptions. Going beyond the traditional left-right interaction with media, Infinite Canvas lets users maneuver up, down, left and right through content. Hyperlinks allow for jumping around content within a canvas or out to an external source.Ideal for designers, small publishers, professional creatives and more! We're still exploring all the potential markets for Infinite Canvas and always looking for more content. What's your story?

Simon Helyar

"Hi, I'm Simon and I'm developing an app called Story. It's something special and it's going to be big. We're based in London but I'm currently in San Francisco seeking seed investment.
It's great to be here and I hope I get to meet you all."

Product Desc: Story

Story is a mini-blogging social network for iOS. It's never been this simple and fast to share content. Or stories as we call them.

Here's the concept video:

Here's the beta on the App Store:

Apply for speak or demo:

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