What we're about

OUR PURPOSE: Camping from our motos, mostly within an hour or two of San Diego. That way, if you have a job, like me, you can still get out for a little adventure every once in a while. We go to county & state parks, Salton Sea area, Anza Borrego, Joshua Tree and similar destinations that may seem just out of reach for only a day trip. Typically ride to the base camp Friday, set up camp & have dinner, Saturday rides that includes a lunch stop (and snack/water stops), and figure out what dinner might look like. When there are multiple experienced 'guides/mentors' we will do multiple things like maybe a dual sport, dirt road type thingy AND a road ride.


Sunday can be a group ride home (or to Breakfast!) or sometimes we leave at will or in small groups. There will always be guidance or escort for anyone that just wants to follow without worry of navigating. Riding, camping under our beautiful skies, and the adventure that comes with both. and did I mention enough about food?

WHO SHOULD JOIN: New riders, experienced riders, aspiring riders, and sherpas! Anyone that rides a motorcycle and wants to camp or just hang out at our 'Meet & Greets' to learn more about their bikes and themselves. Camping is our focus, with emphasis on riding safety and just being nice to each other, our neighbors, and our riding environment. I also encourage any non-riders that just want to hang out and camp with us to join. Pick up trucks and vans are very useful for bringing some niceties along like coolers and E-Z ups. Join up and I will endow you with an honorary title of 'MotoSherpa'. And, no promises, but your camping fees will probably be absorbed by the grateful riders.

Just look at our photos; motorcycles + camping = smiles. Dig it.

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