How We Learn & Why It Matters

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Scrum Professionals
Scrum Professionals
Public group

Round Table Pizza

61 W. 43rd Avenue · San Mateo, CA

How to find us

We'll be in the event room in the back.

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In this research-based session, you will learn:
• How to communicate so that you will be understood and remembered
• How to make images and words work together effectively
• Why forgetting is a good thing
• Why mixing things up feels worse, but improves our learning
• What are good ways of making brains work hard during learning
• How to avoid bad ways of making brains work hard

You'll see examples demonstrating how to apply this research. You'll come away with solid tips to improve technical documentation, training manuals, and presentations.

Ted M. Young has been developing software and training developers for decades. In the 1990s he traveled the world as a Java trainer & consultant. In the 2000s, Ted led eXtreme Programming projects for the government, and eBay. He went on to introduce lean and agile concepts at Google, Guidewire Software, and Apple. Ted came full circle in 2017 and is back to training with Spiral Learning, where he designs, creates, and delivers training for coders based on the science of learning.