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You've been looking for a scuba group that actually dives? YOU'VE FOUND IT!

FREE mask, snorkel, and weight replacement program for members! (https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/7806076)

A SAFETY-FOCUSED, NO-DUES, NON-PROFIT, INDEPENDENT SCUBA GROUP that dives more than any other club or group in San Diego (and beyond)!

Whether you dive occasionally or every week, Power Scuba is the fun, easy way to stay connected with the underwater scene in San Diego county and beyond. Explore familiar and brand new dive spots throughout Southern California (and overseas).

Safe diving within your personal limits and skillset is our emphasis. Advanced & technical dives will occur (for qualified members), in addition to our normal dives, but safety is not just lip service with us.

Eco-mindedness, in addition to safety, is always at the forefront of our thinking. The group participates in (and hosts) various environmental programs and our president represents our no-fishing (for fish) group to various orgs and entities. What better ocean stewards than those who peer beneath the surface regularly?

WE ACTUALLY DIVE, NOT JUST TALK ABOUT IT! All certification levels are welcome at this no-profit group. We're fun, often irreverent, and very, very passionate about our diving and the environment. Sound good? Do you want to see more of San Diego diving, both from the shore and boats? In need of a dive buddy? Join up now!


* We're not a scuba shop or boat and do not represent any of the same. *

* Power scuba will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. All are welcome. *


You must read the following fascinating info before attending any event: Terms and Conditions (https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/5914647)

Then sign a liability release before attending your first event: http://bit.ly/power-scuba

Upcoming events (5+)

Get to know our local In-Shore Fishes

Ocean Enterprises

FREE Fish ID Classes taught by Herb Gruenhagen - Scientific Diver, PADI Divemaster, 3300+ dives, and 40+ years diving experience!

Become a 'Citizen Scientist' and find out who's living in the neighborhood!

Snorkelers and SCUBA divers, do you want to know more about local Inshore Fishes?

Want to contribute to science by surveying our local marine life?

You can do all of the above by attending the identification training program. You'll learn a lot more about what's happening beyond the surf zone!

Whether you're a newly-minted Open Water diver, an avid snorkeler, or an experienced diver wanting to expand your marine knowledge, this class will give you a ton of interesting facts about our underwater world...and it doesn't stop there! Once you've finished this fascinating course, you'll be able to perform surveys and record your observations online for scientists to use and analyze. It's fun, it's easy, it's FREE - and best of all, surveyors help add to a big marine-life database used by scientists in several ways.

VERY IMPORTANT: To achieve Level 2, you must receive an 80% score on the end-of-class quiz and perform 2 survey's. You'll need to know the common name and Family name of these fishes (for instance, Lingcod- Fish Family Greenling, or for inverts, Cobalt Sponge, Phylum Porifera). Your chances of achieving Level 2 are much better if you study beforehand. Please familiarize yourself with the material before you come to class.

VERY IMPORTANT: Herb's classes are excellent and fun - and they generate big waiting lists. No-shows are not appreciated! You MUST commit to attending the class, and, if you find you can't make the class, you MUST change your RSVP in time for a wait-listed member to attend. If you think work or family situations might make you cancel at the last minute, DO NOT SIGN UP. Not showing up (and thereby depriving others of a chance to take the class) is neither considerate nor fair to your fellow divers.

WHERE: Ocean Enterprises, 7710 Balboa Ave, SD 92121 (2nd floor upstairs classroom -- in the middle.)

COST: ZERO! You commit your attendance, time and effort. No monetary fee.

If you can't make this class, upcoming classes will be held the 3rd Wednesday of each month:

Please be on time - Yes, this is a IN-PERSON class and there's a lot of material to cover in 3 hours. If you're late, you'll miss some of the good stuff.

Study guides for Smart phones and iPads:




Shore Dive Hosting Refresher Call

Online event

Dear Shore Dive Organizers!

Let's meet to have a refresher/update call to go over our guidelines. It would be great if you could prioritize this event and do your best to attend, as we will go over some important information before we re-open our shore dive hosting.

WHERE: Zoom meeting - see details in online event field

WHEN: Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 6:30 PM

See you there!

BOAT: Yukon, Ruby E, and NOSC Tower! (Lmtd load)

Waterhorse Charters


Waterhorse Waiver: https://waterhorsecharters.checkfront.com/reserve/document/?template_id=6&id=FFKZ-220221

Power Scuba Waiver: http://bit.ly/power-scuba


This will be a 3-tank local trip aboard the well-appointed Humboldt (Waterhorse Charters). The boat provides tanks (steel 85s) and weights. Air compressor is on-board.

Nitrox tanks provided for an extra charge. (Nitrox tanks are not filled on-board. Call ahead of time to set up.)

You provide all other gear. (The boat rents gear if you need it. Request via the Waterhorse form you fill out on-line.)

FOOD and SHOWER: The boat also provides great food (prepared with sanitary requirements in mind) between dives. They have a hot, fresh-water shower on-board too.

BUDDIES: If you don't have a buddy you may team up with another single on the boat. There are always buddies... however, do not think your buddy will be responsible for you or your diving. You must have good skills and habits to dive at these events. Your buddy will not "baby sit" you.


To make reservations: Simply RSVP here (first) then pay via the PayPal link above on this page (safe and secure... we've used it for years).


YUKON: 365' Canadian destroyer sitting in 100 FSW in the sand. Purpose-sunk as an artificial reef. Largely intact and beautiful! Top of the wreck is at 65-70 fsw.

RUBY E: Sitting in 85 fsw, this 165' Coast Guard vessel is fairly intact, but crumbling. Penetration not advised. Lots to see on the outside.

NOSC TOWER: Not far out of the mouth of Mission Bay Jetty is the "jungle gym" of support beams for a former research tower. The top (above water) portion sheared off years ago, but the beams house a surprising amount of life... including an occasional surprise or three. ~65 fsw.

CHECK-IN: 7:00 am. Go to the office first to fill out paperwork, then load your gear onto the boat directly behind the office building. (Don't go down to the boat until told to by a crew-member.) The boat leaves the dock at 7:45 am sharp.

Dive Boat/Trip Tipping Guidelines: Tipping Info and Advice here (https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/21783462/)

REFUNDS / UN-RSVPing: If you back out less than two weeks before departure (or "no call, no show"), no refund. 15 plus days = full refund*. (*All refunds subject to a .31 PayPal fee and 9% admin fee (https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/32049962).)

TO BACK OUT FULLY, you must CHANGE YOUR RSVP TO "NO" here and request a Paypal refund via [masked]. Include the Paypal Transaction ID #.

1)Bring your cert card... really. 2)Hydrate well. 3)Take seasickness medication like Bonine if you think you're at all inclined towards seasickness. 4)Eat a decent, non-greasy meal before boarding. 5)Bring something to keep you warm between dives (overcoat, boat jacket, etc). 6)Bring a torch for peering into nooks and crannies. 7)End your dive close to the boat (unless you enjoy long surface swims). 8)ALWAYS bring your dive essentials: A safety sausage, knife, and whistle... MANDATORY! 9)Don't forget to tip the boat crew if they do a good job for you. The DM is there for your safety. Take care of him/her!

1)Don't be late. 2)Space is limited on a boat. Stow all your gear where directed to by crew. 3)Keep gear out of the walk-way. 4)Inflate your BC at the bench, but put your fins on at drop-in point (don't flip flop over people's feet and gear). 5)Don't rinse your mask or other gear in the CAMERA BUCKET! 6)Don't clog up the marine head with Baby Ruth bars, tampons, or similar. 7)If you have to throw up, do it downwind (leeward), NOT IN THE HEAD. 8)If you have to cancel, do it well before the cutoff time so we have a chance to sell your seat.


SIGN a Power Scuba waiver: http://bit.ly/power-scuba .

You must also read Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PowerScuba/files/

Anyone with a medical condition MUST submit a signed (by a doctor) diving waiver form before attending any Power Scuba event. YOU MAY NOT ATTEND AN EVENT WITH AN UNDISCLOSED MEDICAL CONDITION. Forms: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PowerScuba/files/

Attending any Power Scuba event constitutes attendee's affirmation they are medically fit to dive, certified by a recognized agency, have necessary skill and training level for dive being offered, have read our Terms and Conditions, and have submitted an electronic Liability Release.

Donations to non-profit Power Scuba: https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/9702303

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not organizer's role to lead your dive. The Organizer will not assign you a buddy nor will he/she be leading the dive as a "group dive". (Visibility and liability issues.) Nor will the Organizer tell you whether you are skilled enough for a dive. (You must decide that by yourself or with a dive pro.) You must plan and execute your dive with your dive buddy. Once members arrive, the Organizer becomes simply another diver.

Your participation constitutes your affirmation you agree to these above rules and disclaimers.... and that your buddy(s) (if applicable) has read and agrees to the same.

Galapagos Diving and Land Tours Trip!

Needs a location

A no-profit trip to the Galapagos, land AND live-aboard boat-based! We'll do a few days at a resort there (land tours and diving!)... and THEN we hop on a live-aboard . Adventure X2!

WHEN: ~June 4 - June 17, 2021
WHERE: Galapagos Islands (off the coast of Ecuador)
WHAT: A no-profit trip! (Land AND live-aboard component.)
COST: $5,975 (total), airfares not included.
BALANCE DUE: March 15, 2021
COVID INFO: You'll need a PCR test to leave the States AND get on the island hopper leg. That test is your responsibility. You'll also need an antigen test to come home. Boat is coordinating that test for us (about $45).

Additional important info: https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/52663959


START: Fly into Guayaquil, Ecuador on 4 June 2021. Overnight at airport hotel (Wyndam). Fly out of Guayaquil to Baltra Airport (GPS) on island of Baltra on the morning of 5 June 2021. So: You must be at Guayaquil (and overnight) on 4 June 2021.

END: Fly OUT of Baltra (GPS) around 12 pm-1:30 pm on 17 June, 2021 TO Guayaquil (or Quito if you prefer). You're homeward-bound.

1ST LEG: Land resort - Hotel La Isla and Scuba Iguana.
2ND LEG: Live-aboard stay on the M/V Calipso. Dive, dive, dive... including Wolf and Darwin!
Calipso FAQ: https://calipsodive.com/dive-galapagos/

FOOD: All meals on the boat, breakfast and lunch at the resort/panga. (Dinner possibilities abound in town.) Arriving/departing at odd hours may put us off a meal cycle, so having snacks on your person can help.
LODGING: Boat and Resort.
DIVING: 2 days at Resort. 5 days on live-aboard.
LAND TOURS: 2 1/2 days at resort
GUIDES: Bi-lingual Park certified Dive Guides
WEIGHTS, tanks, SMBs, Dive Alerts and Nautilus Lifelines
TRANSFERS: All transfers once in the Galapagos. GPS-->Resort-->Liveaboard-->GPS

AIR FARE: Round-trip to Guayaquil. Island hopper to the islands (boat arranging that leg.)
TRANSFER HOTEL: Most of us will overnight on the mainland going... and probably coming home. Those arrangements are for you to manage.
DINNER at Land Resort (Hotel La Isla) : It is intended for you to go out and explore the town and it's lovely settings.
BOOZE: May be purchased at the boat/resort.
FEES/TIPS: Entrance fee ($20) payable at Guayaquil. Park fee ($100) payable as you get to the Islands. Chamber Fee ($35 pp), Tips to the boat crew and resort/dive staff. (Please budget for appropriate tipping.)
NITROX: Nitrox is available for a package price of $150.

REFUND POLICY: https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/52666938 (9% admin fee applies to any monies refunded.)

IMPORTANT: BEHAVIOR OVERSEAS: https://www.meetup.com/Scuba-Diving-San-Diego/messages/boards/thread/52665659


SIGN a Power Scuba waiver: http://bit.ly/power-scuba .

You must also read Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions (TAC): https://www.facebook.com/groups/PowerScuba/files/

Anyone w a medical condition MUST submit a signed (by a doctor) diving waiver form before attending this trip. YOU MAY NOT ATTEND AN EVENT W AN UNDISCLOSED MEDICAL CONDITION. Forms: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PowerScuba/files/

RSVPing for this event constitutes attendee's affirmation they are medically fit to dive, certified by a recognized agency, have necessary skill and training for dives, have read our TAC, and have submitted a Liability Release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not Organizer's role to lead your dive. He merely facilitates you getting to the resort/boat destination. Organizer will not lead dives (hired guides will do that). Nor will the Organizer tell you whether you are skilled enough to make any particular dive. You must plan and execute your dive with your dive buddy only. Once members arrive at the destination, Organizer becomes simply another diver and an admin liaison with the vendor.

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Oil Rigs & Wreck! 3-Tank Adventure! (Limited load.)

Pacific Star Dive Boat


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