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Santa Barbara & San Clemente Islands for 2 Days! YOLO! (Dorm)
This event page is for the DORMITORY BUNKS on Horizon. All divers love Santa Barbara & San Clemente Islands! This is a 2 day specialty trip aboard the Horizon. Gorgeous islands seemingly MADE for us divers! The Horizon is not your average local dive boat. She's built for multi-day trips out to sea and has a wonderful salon, galley, bunks, and dive accommodations. At 85 feet long she's well-suited for this kind of trip. In other words... SPACE! SANTA BARBARA ISLAND: A little North of San Clemente, Santa Barbara is known for beautiful diving... and Sea Lions! The rookery is here and that means a ton of the Lions. Wanna play? SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND: Located in the Southern Channel Island chain. Amazing diving with great viz, kelp, and animals possible. Various depths, walls, and structure. BOARDING: Boat boards at 6:30 pm. Don't board early. DEPARTURE: Boat departs approx 60 minutes after boarding. (But don't think you're gonna get there at 7:30 pm and have the boat wait for you.) RETURN: We'll arrive back at the dock around 6-8 pm on Sunday. DURATION: 2 days of diving. (Night dive at one of the islands!) (~8 dives) PRICE: No-profit price...$297.77 each (This is for the dormitory bunks only. The cabin spots are parsed on a separate event page.) FOOD: All meals included. The Horizon has great fare. If you have special food requests (vegan, etc) please let them know well ahead of time and they'll be happy to accommodate you. AIR: Free air fills on-board up to 3,500 PSI. Boat has some free tanks for you to use, but you must tell a crewman you need this before we leave the dock. You're welcome to bring your own tank if you choose. NITROX: Nitrox provided for an extra (reasonable) charge. They spit out 32% using a membrane system. They will fill your tank upon your arrival and send you off the boat with a full tank as well... all as part of their Nitrox package price. (Check with the boat for the cost.) EXPERIENCE: You should have a decent amount of experience and be comfortable in water depths ranging from shallow to 100 feet. Currents possible. RESERVATIONS: Simply RSVP here (first) then pay via the PayPal interface that pops up. (Safe and secure. I've used it for years.) MINUTIA: Pillows and blankets are provided (though some people bring a sleeping bag). If you snore take measures to prevent it. (It's not fair to other attendees.) Foam earplugs are always a good addition to your toiletry kit. A meal before you board would be appropriate. The Ten Commandments of RSVPing: Click here, gang. ( REFUNDS & UN-RSVPing: If you back out less than two weeks before departure (or "no call, no show") you are on the hook for the money. No refund. To back out fully you must cancel your RSVP here and request a PayPal refund. If you back out less than 30 days before the boat leaves you will be refunded half your boat fee*. 31+ days= full refund*. (*All refunds subject to a .31 PayPal fee and 9% admin fee ( Pointers: BRING YOUR CERT CARD. Hydrate really well. Frequent peeing is better than DCI. Take seasickness medication like Bonine if you think you're at all inclined towards seasickness. Eat a decent, non-greasy breakfast. Bring something to keep you warm between dives (overcoat, boat jacket, etc). Bring a torch for peering into nooks and crannies. End your dive close to the boat (unless you enjoy long surface swims). ALWAYS bring your dive essentials: A safety sausage, knife, and whistle... MANDATORY! Don't forget to tip the boat crew if they do a good job for you. This one's just as important as any other point in this list. The DM is there for your safety. Take care of him/her! Boat Etiquette Reminder: Don't be late. Space is limited on a boat. Stow all your gear where directed to by crew. Keep gear out of the walk-way Put your fins on at drop-in point (not forward and then flip flop over people's feet and gear). Don't rinse your mask or other gear in the CAMERA BUCKET! Don't clog up the marine head with Baby Ruth bars, tampons, or similar. If you have to throw up, do it downwind (leeward), NOT IN THE HEAD. If you have to cancel, do it well before the cutoff time so Bill has a chance to sell your seat. NOTE: Occasional US Navy San Clemente closings (for ship gunfire/range practice) could divert us to another island. Public access to San Clemente Island can be closed with little or no prior notice due to these military exercises. Every effort will be made to visit San Clemente Island, but ultimately it is beyond the control of Power Scuba and our charter boat. ADMIN STUFF: The Virtual Donation Jar ( will be out (for the Meetup site costs and general fund). It's strictly voluntary, but is very much appreciated and needed. Click here: DONATION JAR ( If you have not filled out a liability release for Power Scuba Meetup, please follow this link to the file, print, sign and bring to the event, along with your C-Card (scuba certification card). You only need to do this once: Liability Release and Assumption of Risk ( You must also read this: Disclaimer and Clarification... AKA Terms and Conditions ( Anyone with a medical condition possibly counter-indicative to diving must have a doctors signature on a diving waiver form and submit signed form to Bill Powers (or an organizer) before they may attend any Power Scuba event. YOU MAY NOT ATTEND AN EVENT WITH AN UNDISCLOSED MEDICAL CONDITION. Doing so is grounds for expulsion from the group. Here is the medical statement to be used as a reference only: Medical Statement ( Therein you'll find a good example of a Doctor Waiver form. Attending any scuba event Power Scuba facilitates constitutes attendee's affirmation they are medically fit to dive and have submitted a signed Liability Release to an organizer. For Boat Dives: Any overage (usually less than $100) resulting from our local dive boat trips is put into a dedicated Group Boat Fund. This allows us to make up the difference if we don't completely fill up a future boat charter. No other use is made of this money. Important Note: It is not the organizer's role to lead your dive. He/she merely facilitates you getting to the pre-dive meeting location. The Organizer will not assign you a buddy nor will he/she be leading the dive as a "group dive". Visibility and liability do not allow for that. When you enter the water, you are on your own. You must plan and execute your dive with your dive buddy only. Once members arrive at the meeting spot, the Organizer becomes simply another diver. Your participation constitutes your affirmation you agree to these above rules and disclaimers.... and that your guest(s), if applicable, agrees to the same.

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Horizon Dive Boat @ H&M Landing

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