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The Secular Hub is a non-profit community center located at 3100 Downing Street, Unit C, Denver, CO 80205. The Secular Hub is a Colorado chapter of the American Humanist Association (http://americanhumanist.org/). We are a membership club with the charter to provide a sense of community to secular people, uphold church/state separation, organize community service events, and provide personal growth through lectures and speakers on science, reason, and Humanism. We provide a meeting space for all other secular groups across the Front Range and are available for rent for any event like weddings, memorial services, etc. For more information, go to http://www.secularhub.org/ on the web and http://facebook.com/secularhub/ on Facebook. The Secular Hub welcomes people who identify as secular, Humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, freethinkers, non-theists, etc.

Note: Membership to this meetup is open to all, however Secular Hub sponsored events are only available to Secular Hub members who are current on their membership. Those who sign up on the Meetup but have not paid their annual dues are known as "fans" of the Secular Hub.

Membership Criteria while at the Secular Hub:

All members commit to honor the separation of church and state in American governance.

All members commit to not promoting belief in deities or other supernatural entities.

All members commit to conducting themselves with a sense of decorum and goodwill, and agree to not intentionally create ill feelings or animosity among fellow members.

* The Secular Hub reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if the actions of a member or group detracts from the happiness and general well-being of other members.

Upcoming events (5+)

Coffee & Community

Secular Hub

Join us for coffee, community, and discussion every Sunday morning at the Hub! Look, we know you don't have to get up and go to church on Sunday morning, but after sleeping in some, you can make your way over to the Secular Hub to hang out and talk with like minded friends. New Attendees: Note that the number of RSVPs generally does not reflect the number of attendees, as many regulars show up without RSVPing. We generally have about 15-20 people. Note: Coffee and Community is free and open to the public. A key benefit of the Secular Hub is the physical meeting space it provides free-of-charge to local secular groups. To help pay the bills, the Hub collects membership dues and limits some activities to dues-paying members as a perk. If you are not yet a member of the Hub, please feel free to stop in for an 'open' event, enjoy the company of your fellow heathens, and see what the Hub is about. If you like what you see, help support the local secular community and gain access to further secular events/opportunities by becoming a member. You can sign up in person or online at https://www.secularhub.org/membership.php

SVC Meeting: Secular Volunteers Serving The Community

The Secular Volunteer Corps (SVC) organizes community service events and leads charitable initiatives. We formed at the Secular Hub (https://www.secularhub.org/) as a group of secular people interested in working together to serve the community. If you are interested in helping identify, select, and plan events for the next quarter (or so), please come to this meeting. Upcoming Events include: • Volunteering at Bluff Lake Nature Center (http://www.blufflake.org/) (October 8th, 9a-noon) • A Winter Coat Drive for the Homeless (October through Thanksgiving) • Adopt-A-Spot Downing Street Clean-up (about 2x/month for 1hr before/after Coffee & Community) Past Events have included: • Denver Public Library Used Book Sale (http://www.dplfriends.org/events/used_book_sale.html) Volunteering • Nat'l Day of Service Volunteering w/ Groundwork Denver (http://groundworkcolorado.org/) • Helping with the Boulder Flood Relief Because of our work, in 2014, our secular community was publicly recognized by the City of Denver Public Works Department for "Outstanding Community Service" work with the Adopt-A-Spot program and for our commitment to helping Keep Denver Beautiful! That's right, we are literally an award-winning volunteer group! <> ;) ** Note: Membership in the Secular Hub (https://www.secularhub.org/membership-2/) is not required to attend and participate in community service events, but it is appreciated. There are expenses to maintaining this Meetup page and the space we use to do our organizing. If it's within your means, please Become a Member (https://www.secularhub.org/membership-2/) and support this and other grassroots initiatives like it. Or next time you swing by, drop a few bucks in the donation box.

Social Hour Southeast

Citron Bistro

You're invited to join our informal group for good conversation and good food. Bring a friend, everyone is welcome. Here is the link to the Happy Hour menu, good till 10 pm. http://citronbistro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/happy-hour-food-menu.pdf Come any time after 5:30 pm, we're usually there till 7:30 or so.

Freethinkers in AA

Secular Hub

A 12-Step support group meeting for those struggling with religious beliefs, the idea of a god, or of a higher power someplace "out there" expressed in most AA meetings. Our goal is to recover a healthy, non-theistic understanding of the 12-Step process, enabling the individual to find the power for change within himself or herself.

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Freethinkers in AA

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