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The vision of the Secular Hub is a vibrant community where atheists, agnostics, humanists, and their families can meet, support each other, have fun, and explore ethics, science, and the human condition. We seek to establish a positive presence that contributes to the society at large.

The Secular Hub is a friendly place where non-believers find camaraderie, learn, and give back to the community. Our members organize educational events, social activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Note: Membership to this Meetup is open to all; however some Secular Hub events are only open to dues-paying members of the Secular Hub. Become a member of the Hub!

Member Code of Conduct:

  1. All members commit to honor the separation of church and state in American governance.
  2. All members commit to not promoting belief in deities or other supernatural entities.
  3. All members commit to conducting themselves with a sense of decorum and goodwill, and agree to not intentionally create ill feelings or animosity among fellow members.

* The Secular Hub reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if the actions of a member or group detracts from the happiness and general well-being of other members.

Upcoming events (4+)

Freethinkers in AA - Meeting Online

Link visible for attendees

SATURDAY MEETING 9:30 am - 10:45 am

Join Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81189449650

Contact: JEB[masked]
Website: freethinkersinaa.org

A 12-Step support group meeting for those struggling with religious beliefs, the idea of a god, or of a higher power someplace "out there" expressed in most AA meetings. Our goal is to recover a healthy, non-theistic understanding of the 12-Step process, enabling the individual to find the power for change within himself or herself.

Since this is an anonymous group, actual attendance is never listed, Meetings average 12 to 25 every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Our meetings are open to anyone interested in how the 12 Steps can work for anyone, alcoholic or not, pretending nothing.

Humanist Perspectives: Mini Film Festival

Secular Hub

Humanism at the Hub is now Humanist Perspectives, a combined monthly program with the Hub and Jefferson Humanists. This is a hybrid event, live at the Hub and online with Zoom. Note: It will be on the 4th Saturday through March, then move to the 3rd Saturday.

Mini Film Festival - Short secular videos with discussions. You will love these videos.

  • Living into your 90s - 60 Minutes
  • Jordan Klepper - Good Guy with a Gun: The Daily Show
  • The Story of Suzie - TheThinkingAtheist
  • Lullaby - Tim Minchin
  • Dear Satan - An animated short film, narrated by Patrick Stewart
  • "We Speak for Earth" - Carl Sagan's final COSMOS Scene +1990 Update
  • Instruction Manual for Life - TheraminTrees
  • George Carlin on the American Dream
  • Mrs. Garrison Explains Evolution - South Park
  • Why self-driving cars have stalled - It's Complicated: The Guardian

The Mini FilmFest is a semi-regular event. We'll be showing a series of incredible short secular videos through Zoom, 5 to 15 minutes long, followed by discussions. Each Filmfest will feature famous secular people such as Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth Andrews, Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, George Carlin, Aron Ra, and more, along with topics such as secular politics, evolution, science, Humanism, history, heathen comedy, and more.

Humanist Perspectives is a regular hybrid event, live in-person at the Hub AND online with Zoom, your choice, every 4th Saturday at 4:00 pm (moving to the 3rd Saturday in April). Come to the Hub to see the show live and Zoomers on the big screen, with discussions and appetizers. Feel free to BYOB or an appetizer to share. OR get on Zoom at home and mingle with the audience to see the program and join the discussions.

Please RSVP. Those attending in person should be fully vaccinated for Covid. To join with Zoom use this link at any time: Zoom Registration Link
The Hub, Jefferson Humanists, and Humanists of Colorado Chapters of the American Humanist Association are very pleased to offer a regular explorations series on the 4th Saturdays, 4:00 to 6:00 pm., inspired by the Jefferson Humanists. Each session will be slightly different and include several segments to showcase aspects of Humanism through a presentation, videos, movies, forums, and explorations, followed by discussions. We will include time for participants to socialize and get acquainted, in keeping with the chapters goals of building community.

Secular Comedy Night at the Hub: Live Improv and Stand-Up

Secular Hub

Comedy Night at the Hub is back, with a twist. Join us for a night of fun and laughter ... and I mean literally join us. We'll kick it off with some Improv; and if you're up to it, jump in for a scene or two. Then we'll follow it up with live stand-up, featuring the Hub's own, Kid, others ... and if you ask real nice, maybe even you! (Restrictions apply, void where prohibited, not valid in Alaska and Hawaii, limit one per customer, not really, are you still reading this?)

This will be an in-person only event, because laughter is infectious; but so is COVID, so if you've got symptoms, please stay home and we'll see you next month.

LIVE! Coffee & Community

Secular Hub

It's Coffee and Community, live and in-person. The Hub will have the coffee and cold drinks ($ donations accepted) and feel free to bring your own snacks to share. All of us bring the conversation. Hope to see you there!

Past events (4,007)

Game Night at the Hub

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