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Please click here for our mailing list (https://forms.gle/b9yYr3KWKNWJLq9K9)! Glad you found us... Welcome to the So Many Women…So Little Time meetup group. Our group is alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds. We host online zoom events with members from all across the country and are now starting to host some live outdoor events as well, as long as they are safe. Time and space have taken on a whole new meaning. For all of you out of towners, don't worry. I never plan to leave zoom!

I have been so touched by the intimacy and connections that are being created day by through our group interactions. Lots of friendships have been made and yes, even some romance! I try to mix it up and keep it interesting for you all and I’m always open to new ideas and feedback. My commitment to every member is that there are no "outsiders" and all folks that identify as a woman loving women are welcome. I believe that the experience of inclusiveness is palpable in our group events whether live or on Zoom.

For FB users, please follow us (facebook.com/somanywomensolittletime/). If you would like to be part of our secret FB group, please friend request me at Jody Potiker and I will invite you. Once in, you can invite your friends directly from there too.

I would love it if you joined the smwslt mailing list. This separates out our special announcements from all the other meetup emails which can be overwhelming at times. I ask that you please set your notifications at minimum to receive organizer messages and new event announcements. This has to be done while actually on our group site. You can find the settings by clicking on your round profile photo on the top right corner and select email and notifications.

I am so looking forward to meeting you whether it be online or in person when that time comes.

Until then, Your organizer, Jody

Upcoming events (4+)

Macha Theater presents: The Nun & The Countess

Casa 0101

Who wants to enjoy a lesbian play together in L.A., produced, written, directed and last but not least starring our meetup member Odalys Nanin? I've been to three of her plays and always enjoy them!

At this point this event is unhosted So no one will officially be there to greet you. IS ANYONE WILLING TO HOST? All that means is keeping a lookout for whoever is signed up and making introductions. It's a great way to made each other. This is a small theater so it won't be inpossible to find one another. You can check out our host's photo so you can recognize her and then sit together.

If anyone wants to meet ahead of time for dinner, please start a thread in the comments section so you can connect.


Please note: We are posting this date for the group event but there are other dates available to come on your own.

DESCRIPTION: Odalys Nanin stars as legendary Mexican nun Sor Juana, who wooed a Countess (LeeAnn Gutierrez Fluter) with poems that still live today. Based on the novel "Sor Juana's Second Dream by Alicia Gaspar de Alba.

Sor Juana is considered the most prolific poet of the golden
age and the first feminist of the new world. She was name the tenth muse (the Sappho of the Americas). She was a musician, playwright and a Lesbian trapped in a nun's habit. The poems to Lysi (Countess de Paredes) are woven into the dialogue of the play offering the audience a window into their intimate relationship in the confined world in which they lived. These are Soulmates who are in a predicament where society's rules forbid the consummation of their love. Nominated- Best Play by The Advocate Magazine.

For those that missed her short video about covid, you can click here: (I'm in it!) https://vimeo.com/ondemand/inthetimeofcovid/455573440?autoplay=1

Macha Theatre/Films
A non profit under the 501C3
MACHA Digital Stage streaming at: http://machatheatre.org/

Game Night Hosted by Kathleen: 7 PM Codenames (Repeats Weekly)

WE START AT 7 PM. Join us for a fun night of conversation and laughs as we play Codenames.

PLEASE CANCEL YOUR RSVP if you can't come so women on the waiting list can take your spot. Thx.
Videos are required to be on so everyone can feel comfortable.

If you have not played before or need a refresher, please watch the instructional video before coming,
Here is a review, with links to instructional videos: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/178900/codenames.

This game has won some 50 international awards.

Important: You should come ready to play Codenames on a medium or large screen (iPad or larger). Playing it on a phone is possible, but frustrating. You will need to have two apps open: Zoom and the Codenames platform. You can do this on a single screen, toggling between the two, or you can have two screens, e.g., Zoom on your phone and Codenames on your computer. You don't need to download any software, we will use a website for the game.

Zoom link appears when you RSVP.

Scenic Walk and Farmers Market!

Bixby Park

Let's meet for a 1-hour walk to enjoy the sunset and get some exercise. After the walk we can shop and hang out at the local farmers market.

We will meet outside at Bixby Park on the corner of E. 1st St and Cherry Ave. We will walk in the residential neighborhood 1 block from the beach as it is less busy. This is a historical neighborhood has many unique homes and yards in it too. We will wait 10 minutes for everyone to arrive and make introductions. The pace of this walk is moderate and I will walk as fast as the slowest person.

Please allow up to 15 minutes to find parking if you are driving to the location. There is parking around the park and on 1st st.

Art Salon talk - 20th/21st C Female Artists - WANGECHI MUTU

WHO is Wangechi Mutu?

Learn about an African artist that over the past 2 decades, has created powerful female characters, hybrid beings, and fantastical landscapes. She breaches common distinctions among human, animal, plant, and machine. Wangechi Mutu's work challenges colonialist, racist, and sexist worldviews with her visionary projection of an alternate universe informed by Afrofuturism, post-humanism, and feminism.

This excellent exhibit is currently at the Legion of Honor until 11/7/21.

Hope you can make this informative and lively event!

Visual artist IG: @debrareabock

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