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We are an inclusive group who meets monthly to honor the Hellenic Pantheon (aka the Deities of ancient Greece) with incense, readings, and dinner + discussion :) We are "reconstructionish" in that we come as close as we can to what we know of the ancient religion (based on research, our teachers, and travels to Greece), but we are pragmatic and welcoming of people of all levels of interest. Offerings are loosely based on what you can read from Labrys or ISEE, but we are a proto-demoi of Hellenion (a nationwide Hellenic organization based in the USA). We are formerly/informally known as Thiasos Phoibos :)

We are open to people of all walks of life (race, lgbtqi, ability, socioeconomic status, etc).

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The Heroines

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The Heroines is a little known Attic festival (http://www.hellenion.org/festivals/the-heroines/?fbclid=IwAR2y8CgFTE-98zhUJK67JVQ_26eFGMy79EYShpWqGqXMSwva5ZdW0rYlhUA) that we are are adapting for the modern day. We will be giving an offering of hymns, poems, and stories of some of the great women in Myth and history, including Atalanta, Ariadne, Themistoclea, Theano and the Pythagoreans, Sappho, Agnodike, ... suggestions are welcome! We will honor women, including transwomen, who have made important contributions to human history. At 4pm, we’ll have our business meeting (optional) At 5pm, we’ll begin the offering. Please arrive on time. Once we begin, we won’t be able to answer your call to open the gate :) As with all our offerings, we ask members to bring a small potluck item (there are several vegetarians in the group) to share afterward. More details TBA, including the address and the phone number to get in!

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