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What we’re about

We are an inclusive group who meets monthly to honor the Hellenic Pantheon (aka the Deities of ancient Greece) with incense, readings, and dinner + discussion :) We are "reconstructionish" in that we come as close as we can to what we know of the ancient religion (based on research, our teachers, and travels to Greece), but we are pragmatic and welcoming of people of all levels of interest. Offerings are loosely based on what you can read from Labrys or ISEE, but we are a proto-demoi of Hellenion (a nationwide Hellenic organization based in the USA). We are formerly/informally known as Thiasos Phoibos :)
We are open to people of all walks of life (race, lgbtqi, ability, socioeconomic status, etc).

We the undersigned resolve the following: In the spirit of xenia, all those who have differences from any one of us are welcome to honor the gods with us.
Those who are LGBTQIA+ are welcome.
Those of all genders (including genderfluid, non-binary, agender, etc) are welcome.
Those of different ethnicities, races, locales, and backgrounds are welcome.
Those who are neurodivergent, including those who are autistic, are welcome.
Those who have disabilities including mental or physical conditions, are welcome.
In the spirit of true xenia, all who act in guest-friendship are welcomed. We will not support, join, affiliate, or work with any and all groups as long as they have any discriminatory policies or practices, as such practices are not in accordance with the virtue of xenia.