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[MLX Social] Practice a Language for FREE + Meet People from Around the World

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FREE MAJOR EVENT: Multi-Language Exchange (MLX) Social

Socializing + language exchange till 6 pm + optional dinner afterwards (depending on the interest level of members by then).

Location: Food court of the Sheppard Centre (lower level).

* Welcome to join us anytime before 5 pm. You may leave earlier if needed.

This is a right timing to have a major socializing event--final exams are done, the spring finally comes, while the summer vacation and many fun festivals are on the corner...

Last year we had over 400 RSVPs around this time of the year, and we are expecting another major one^^ Will facilitate a time and area for attendees to move around freely fro mix and mingle.

* We'll invite many groups with native speakers to this event.


We will have two main areas:

Area (A): One for socializing and language exchange in a casual setting
"Free-style" language exchange from 3:30-5:30 pm. Kind of like TorontoBabel's style, but we do it in a food court, in a way that fits our group, where it's totally free without alcohols.

Area (B): Another follows a relatively systematic and organized procedure to facilitate effective language exchange among people originally from all over the world.

You are free to switch between these two areas and among language groups. See one of the Co-hosts for any assistance you may need.



(0) Co-hosts and volunteers will set up a table with sign-up sheets and place signs on tables for various language areas as well as selecting an area as "Area (A)".

(1) When you arrive, please sign up and

* (a) get a red sticker and write the native language (plus advanced languages) you can teach, and

* (b) (optionally) get a blue sticker and write the language(s) you like to learn in the order of preference.

(2) (Round I) Go to the area assigned by a receptionist according to your birth birthday month if it is between

* (a) January and June, go to the area for the language you like to learn, or

* (b) go to the area for the language you can teach. *

* Next time we'll reverse the order for (a) and (b).

(3) (Round II) Around 5 pm, everyone move to a different area

* (a) if you were learning, go to the area for the language you can teach, or

* (b) go to the area for the language you like to learn.

(4) (Optional) Go for dinner depending on the consensus of the group.

* (a) Mirage on the 2nd floor where you can get 15% discount.

* (b) Any restaurant the group likes (informally voted by attendees like to join the dinner by then)


FYI, check out a similar event last year (around the same date) @

Participating groups: (RSVP #)

400+ RSVPs in total

* Welcome to join any of the following roups that fit your interests.

Study English in Canada (2,000+ members) ( 96

Toronto Friends (2,400 members) ( 43

Toronto Language Exchange (900+ members) ( 36

Asian Friends (1,000+ members) ( 53

TCX (1,500+ members) ( : 54

Toronto Entrepreneurs (3,000 members) ( 58

(plus 50+ from other participating groups including Toronto Newcomers (750+ members) ( and International Friends (1,400+ members) (, minus 12 repetitions)