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Especially for women who encounter self-doubt
Dear Awesome Members, Our next meet up is designed for women only. A special women's issue is that women are often plagued with self-doubt. If this applies to you, please consider coming. This meet up will be combined with my women's meet up since the focus is upon women and self-doubt. I also wanted to share a new blog that I just posted on my Psychology Today expert blog called Fearless You. This post is about the nine lies that your self-doubt likes to tell you. Read it now and add your comment! Rationally Yours, Dr. Pam

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What we're about

I'm a psychologist and professor who teaches Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to patients, students, and other professionals. I love REBT/CBT because they've helped me & I've used them to help others.

This is a two-tiered educational group & you'll decide which tier is for you. Sometimes all of us meet for fun and discussion of REBT/CBT topics.

The first tier is an EDUCATIONAL meetup group for people who are mentally healthy but have a current challenge to overcome & want to learn more about REBT and CBT principles. (Brief screening may be required for this tier.)

The second tier is for my current or past students, supervisees, professionals, teachers, businesspeople, and others who would like to interface with people who use REBT and CBT in their professional advancement. We grow through discussion of current relevant topics & training demonstrations.

We use REBT and CBT as the foundation for both tiers. So, no matter which tier you decide to join, you'll see that we'll discuss various topics and we'll share what REBT/CBT says about those topics & invite you to bring in information as well.

Join if you are interested in learning more about REBT/CBT and being part of a group of others who want to live healthier and saner lives. Join if you are open to self-examination and have at least a little frustration tolerance. Join if you want to have fun while learning & if you are able to be flexible and patient while others learn as well.

Disclaimer: Although Pam is a psychologist, this is NOT a Psychological Therapy Group, nor is it meant to replace any psychological treatment that a person may need. Psychological treatment involves psychodiagnosis and treatment planning, which is not what this is designed to do. This is strictly an opportunity for learning about REBT and CBT that you may or may not wish to apply to yourself.

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