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What we're about

Monthly talks on User Experience in Oxford. Consistently bringing you great speakers since 2011.

Every month we invite a speaker to come and talk about how they apply User Experience principles in their projects and organisations. It is a relaxing and informal atmosphere. Come and join us for drinks, meet up with peers and listen to inspiring talks.

We've had speakers from Google, BBC, Microsoft, Financial Times, The Guardian, Mailchimp, GDS, NHS.

We have a diverse audience and the event is for anyone interested in UX. Roles of attendees include (but not limited to): designers, researchers, developers, managers, CEOs...

We are proudly sponsored by local companies:

• Oxford Computer Consultants: Turning ideas and research software into commercial applications

• Haybrook IT: Specialists in IT recruitment

• Fruto: UX Design studio

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UX of LEGO Interface Panels

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About the talk
Two studs wide and sloped at 45°, the most sought-after LEGO bricks of our childhood have a big secret. Their brightly coloured patterns hide a myriad of UX lessons about the design, layout, and organisation of complex interfaces. Forget touchscreens and pixels, this is the UX of the physical world where haptics, switches and funny shaped knobs rule the day.
From Soviet power stations to the cancelled Dyson electric car, we tour through the design of complex physical interfaces and the UX principles that can be applied to any product.

About George
George is an interaction technologist and design engineer living in Salzburg, Austria. He invents and builds future product interfaces with a chaotic blend of interaction design, R&D, hardware UX, professional Arduinoing, creative engineering and magic.

Over the past 10 years, George has worked on future concepts and product launches for many global brands, particularly in the electric mobility, connected device and consumer healthcare world. He currently runs his own business: Interaction Magic.

Twitter: @George_Cave

Instagram: @interactionmagic

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