What we're about

Urban Dining Adventures: Eating our way through the world, one plate at a time.

We’re urban dining enthusiasts who love exploring the world through the restaurants of our fair city.

Urban Dining Adventures is for chowhounds who love trying new places in good company. We’re all about fun, conversation and food. The majority of our events will be in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. We'll also occasionally combine our meals with brisk urban walks, all the better to gear up the appetite and then work it all off...

If you consider yourself an epicurean gourmand, or a budding restaurant critic, Urban Dining Adventures may not be the best fit. But if you want to check out new places and meet new people, we'll look forward to seeing you!

A few administrative items:

Photo: Your Meetup profile must include a recognizable photo of you in order for you to attend our events. We know you love your grandma and your kitty, and we love ours, too, (https://www.instagram.com/annediamo),) but their photo does not count as a photo of you.

Cash: Unless stated otherwise in the event description, please plan on paying for your meal with cash. No credit cards, as the bistro math becomes way too complicated. In addition to your favorite 20s, please bring tens, fives, and perhaps even a few ones.

RSVPs: Only RSVP yes if you mean “Yes”. If your plans change, keep your karma positive by updating your RSVP immediately. Our policy is "two No-Shows and you're out." If something unavoidable happens at the last minute, send us a message.

Past events (17)

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